Peaceful 2021 Elections to Depend On Security Organs’ Conduct – Pulkol

The ability of Uganda to have a peaceful 2021 general elections will largely depend on how security agencies like Police shall conduct themselves, former ISO Chief David Pulkol has said.

Addressing press on Monday, Pulkol advised security agencies not to get dragged into partisan politics that are threatening to tear the country apart.

“So the security agencies should behave more responsibly; more maturely. Let them be the adults in the room. Stop behaving like little kids who want recognition of papa and out compete each other for doing the wrong thing,” he advised.

At the moment, Pulkol says there appears to be an accumulation of anger within the population that has never been witnessed before, which might worsen the situation.

The next elections, he says, will be determined by political mudslinging and pedalling of falsehoods on both sides of the political divide something; a recipe for disaster.

As such, he cautioned that whereas naturally they have their political inclinations, security operatives must steer clear of partisan politics and conduct themselves in a sober manner.

“UPDF in my view, Uganda Police in my view and intelligence agencies should stay equally distanced from government’s ruling parties and also opposition parties,” he cautioned.

He also advised police to concentrate on finding empirical evidence in instances where politicians are implicated in criminal activities before rushing to make conclusions.


“When I see the pages in the newspapers and see so and so is supporting a rebel group or so and so is labelled for this for that…These are matters that you should prosecute, arrest somebody and take through courts of law.”

According to the European Union (EU) report on the last general polls, 102 complaints related to assault, bribery, malicious damage and incitement were presented to the observer mission by Police.

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