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Peace Advocates Warn on Rising Radicalism in Rwenzori

Rwenzori Forum for Peace and Justice (RFPJ), illness a peace advocacy group based in Kaborole District, sildenafil has called for concerted efforts to stem the rising wave of radicalism in Rwenzori region, Chimp Corps report.

The peace-centred activists said unless extremist sentiments are not contained, the region is set for turbulent times.

“Overall, government and non-government peace actors in the Rwenzori region and Uganda need to cautiously analyze the vice of emerging radicalization in the Rwenzori region,” said RFPJ in a recent statement.

The remarks follow a spate of bloody clashes in Rwenzori in which at least 55 people – 14 security officers and 41 Rwenzururu Royal guards, were killed.

Police spokesperson Andrew Kaweesi said several Rwenzururu fighters would smear themselves with fetishes to protect themselves against the force of bullets.

Others used petrol bombs to attack security forces, according to area police officials.

RFPJ appealed for a greater understanding of the “root causes and sponsors of this vice and initiate interventions that will fundamentally restore peace in the region.”

The organisation cited the 2014 incident whereby over 100 youth attacked military installations and personnel in Bundibugyo, Ntoroko and Kasese districts.


The youth were said to have been smeared with medicine that was meant to safeguard them from bullets.

“After receiving amnesty from government, this group of youth, now organized under the Nuyo Youth Patriotic Association remains vulnerable and may rejoin acts of violence,” warned RFPJ.

The advocacy group said immediately after the 2016 elections, elements of ethno-political extremism emerged again reflected in the assumption of rare risks by sections of people in Kasese and Bundibugyo districts.

“These risks included civilians armed with machetes, sticks and stones attacking government armed personnel. Extremism continues to manifest itself in many other ways in Bundibugyo, Kabarole and Kasese districts including; civilians confronting government soldiers and the police, civilians establishing military-like camps and acquiring/making weapons and tools of violence.”

On November 24, the Uganda People’s Defense Forces rushed to demolish a military-like camp established by civilians in Kamabale village in Karangura Sub County in Kabarole district.

In this demolition and on-going military operation in the region, several people were killed and the alleged perpetrators of the civil insurrection arrested.

In addition to military actions against frontline persons in acts of extremism, in a more spirited way, said the advocacy group, the government and non-government actors need to venture faster into the exploration of proximate and ultimate causes of this extremism and addressing these causes.

“In this venture, cultural, political, religious and other leaders in the region who wield power and influence over the frontline people trapped in acts of extremism will greatly determine the extent to which and how  fast the region returns to normalcy.”

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