Paying Ransom Is Not Rescue – Comedian Trevor Noah Makes Fun of Uganda Police

US based South African comedian Trevor Noah on Tuesday tore into Ugandan security organs on the way they handled the kidnap of the American tourist Kimberly Sue and her tour guide Jean Paul Mirenge, both of who were released late last week by their captors.

The two, who were on a tour in Queen Elizabeth National Park, were kidnapped last Tuesday on gun point and the captors used their phones to demand a $500,000 ransom.

Five days later, these were released after the ransom was paid to the kidnappers.

The story attracted international press and even prompted involvement of US President Donald Trump.

But on his Daily Show set last evening, Trevor Noah took off time to make fun of the Ugandan authorities who initially claimed to have rescued Kimberly and Mirenge.

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The police severally stated that the two had been rescued with support from its sister security agencies.

“The duo are in good health and in the safe hands of the joint security team,” the Police force tweeted on Sunday.



As reports started circulating that a ransom had been paid, Police insisted that no money had been paid out and that the duo was indeed rescued.

Comedian Noah told his chuckling audience, he found this hilarious.

“The Uganda Authorities were like ‘Good news! We have rescued her!

“And then it’s like, ‘Oh, how did you do that?’

‘We paid the ransom to the kidnappers!’

“That’s not rescue,” Noah observed. “You should say you paid the ransom and they returned her.”

And when one of the audience members, who appeared to be Ugandan asked the comedian, if he was thinking of visiting the East African nation, Noah sent the audience in hearty laughter asking, “Do you want me to be kidnapped as well?”

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