PAU, NEMA Holds Public Hearing for Tilenga Environment and Social Impact Assessment in Buliisa

Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) in partnership with the National Environment Management Authority (PAU) is today holding a public hearing for the proposed Tilenga Project Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) at the Buliisa District headquarters in Buliisa District.


The hearing is aimed at providing an overview of the project and of the results of  ESIA in terms of impact and proposed mitigations as well as benefits and enhancement measures


The meeting is being attended by community members from all over Buliisa district officials from the Bunyoro Kitara kingdom, government officials from PAU, NEMA, Ministry of Energy and mineral development who are expected to share, discuss and approve the ESIA report for the Tilenga oil project.


According to Dr. Kabagambe Kaliisa, the presiding officer ESIA project at PAU, the hearing is intended to provide a forum for the developer to inform the entire community of the outcomes of the ESIA project, verify the accurate of the findings in relation to the situation on the ground and give the affected and interested parties as well as the stakeholders the opportunity to express their opinions on the issues from the findings



“This is also to confirm that all the affected parties and stakeholders have been adequately consulted and have been part of the various decision making processes” he said


Uganda has been undertaking Oil and Gas exploration activities in the Albertina Graven in western Uganda since its first discovery on 2006. Uganda’s oil and gas has transitioned from the exploration and appraisal phase to development and production phase in preparation for sustainable production of petroleum resources that have been discovered


The Tilenga project includes development and production of oil fields with in Murchison Falls national park in Nwoya District and South of Victoria Nile in Buliisa. Currently it has six oil fields including Jobi-Rii, Gunya, Ngiri, Kasamene-Wahrindi, Nsoga and Kigogole.


The project is aimed at establishing production of oil fields in an economically prudent using sound reservoir management principles and best industry practices.

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