Patients Decry Scarcity of Mattresses

Patients admitted at Kabale Regional Referral Hospital and their attendants have complained about scarcity of mattresses at the hospital.

This followed a recent directive from the hospital administration that prohibited patients and their attendants from carrying mattresses to the hospital, visit this visit web saying that they would be provided.
Patients say that in the first place, buy what is ed most of them especially the illiterate felt uncomfortable being told to first sign for mattresses before they had access to them.

The patients also said that however much the hospital claimed to have mattresses; they were not enough for all the patients and their helpers.
“Our helpers are forced to sleep on mats on the hospital’s veranda and others sleep with patients which puts their lives at the risk of acquiring disease,” one patient told our reporter.

The Hospital Director, Dr. Placid Mihayo admitted that the patients had been prohibited from coming with personal mattresses, but added that the mattresses that were available were enough for the admitted patients.

He further explained that the move was geared at reducing theft cases, curbing congestion in the wards and maintaining biosecurity by reducing germs being brought to the hospital with beddings.

Mihayo adds that, the hospital is only limited by budget, but that no attendant is even supposed to prepare food for a patient from the facility.

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