Patient Stabs Caretaker to Death at Soroti Referral Hospital

Shock gripped Soroti Regional Referral Hospital yesterday, after a patient stabbed and killed a woman who was taking care of her.

Angela Paska, aged only 20, is said to have stabbed and killed 45 year old Grace Akiror, who also happened to be her mother in law.

According to hospital officials, the incident happened at around 01:15AM in the morning.

Esther Akol one of the eyewitnesses said, Ms. Angela lied to her caretaker that she wanted to ease herself.

Once they were in the restroom, she reportedly pulled out a sharp knife and stabbed her repeatedly.

The deceased tried to make alarm which attracted people to the toilet.

Angela, according to the eyewitness, tried to flee but couldn’t make it out of the hospital because all gates were closed.

Emmanuel Edimu, a relative of the deceased told our reporter at the hospital that the two women had long standing squabbles which could have prompted Angela to commit the crime.


Edimu told us at one point Angela claimed that her husband (son to the deceased) had given the deceased money to buy poison to kill their newly born baby.

On his part, Charles Obangan, the husband to the deceased said he received a call at 04:00AM about the death of his wife, who was also 5 months pregnant.

This morning, chaos broke out at the hospital as some of the relatives of the deceased tried to lynch the murder suspect.

Police intervened and used sticks and buttons to disperse the irritated mob.

Speaking to the media at Soroti Central Police Station, the East Kyoga Police mouthpiece Michael Odongo described the incident as unfortunate and strange.

Odongo also told media that the  murder suspect, who is currently in police custody, is still speaking uncoordinated words and has been asking for a gun.

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