Pastors Threaten to Withdraw Museveni Support in 2021 Over Church Closur

Heads of Born Again Pentacostal Churches in the country are leading the charge to pressure government into reopening places of worship, which remain closed amid the Covid19 shutdown.

With other countries including neighbors Kenya and Tanzania allowing religious congregations to resume, church leaders in Uganda are taking a stand to have to same.

PastorJoseph Serwadda, who heads the Born Again Pentacostal Faith in the country, yesterday warned that President Museveni could lose crutial support from Christians in the coming elections if Churches remain closed.

This he said, would be an “unintended consequence” of the president’s efforts to keep the country safe from the global pandemic, which has so far killed more that half a million people around the world.

“We all know that the president is doing this with good intentions; he wants us all to be safe and he has kept us safe. We haven’t lost a single person to the virus,” Serwadda said last night.

“But like in all situations like this, there are always unintended consequences, and for Museveni, one of them could be a decline in support from this bloc. People here are thankful for the government measures but they are also saying, we have to go back to church. We have to worship again.”

Meanwhile, Bishop David Kiganda of Christianity Focus Center in Ndeeba has taken his discontent a notch higher.
The Bishop has since embarked on a protest by putting on a sackcloth with the words: “I can’t breath when Churches still closed.”

Kiganda recently expressed fear that Scientists in the country and around the world would use this Covid19 situation to keep Churches closed because they don’t like them.


“Science detests God and spirituality. They now have motivation to silence us  because we have answers to questions that they couldn’t explain. And now they are in charge of the world. They make dictates and global political leaders follow,” Kiganda said

President Yoweri Museveni in his last national address on Covid19 hinted that places of worship and schools would be among the last to be considered for reopening because of thier nature as enclosed places of congregation.


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