Pastors Pray for King Oyo

Pastor Isaac Kiweweesi of Kansanga Miracle Center Kampala and preachers from Western Uganda have prayed for Tooro King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV as cultural wrangles and plans to oust him by his cousin deepen.

King Oyo was subjected to serious prayers by Kiwewesi during a Pastors’ Breakfast Prayer Conference held at Buhinga playgrounds in Fort Portal town on Saturday.

Pastor Kiweweesi comforted King Oyo, clinic buy more about saying he is not the first king whose throne has been threatened.

He explained that in the bible, ampoule “King David experienced a similar battle when Adonia wanted to overthrow him and had to choose Solomon to take over.”

Mid February this year, there Prince David Kijanangoma announced plans to oust King Oyo on claims of overstaying in Buganda, a foreign kingdom instead of living with and guiding his subjects on transforming their lives.

Kijanangoma also accused Oyo of addressing his people in English and in tinted glasses.

Oyo was further faulted for failing to stop Queen mother Best Kemigisa from interfering in palace affairs and selling ofF kingdom assets such as land, leaving hundreds of Batooro homeless.

Kijanangoma’s bid for the throne has since gained momentum with elders embracing the move.


Palace officials deny the claims, saying Kijanangoma is an impostor who will not be allowed to take over power.

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