Pastor Senyonga Blames Murders, Kidnaps on False Prophets

Pastor Jackson Senyonga of the Bwaise based Christian Life Church, has pinned the recent spike in cases of kidnap and murders on among others, works of false prophets and fake pastors.

Police together with its sister security are currently working on multiple cases, among them the highly publicized murder of social worker Maria Nagirnya at the close of last month and most recently the shooting of Florence Kamikazi and Joshua Nteireho on Entebbe Expressway.

Addressing press at his church on Tuesday, Pastor Senyonga said fake pastors and false prophets cannot be distanced from such incidents.

“Some murders are fueled by acts of witch craft and some are said to have been done by false prophets who work with criminals to kidnap people for their personal gains,” he said, adding that the Christian Church has lately been infiltrated by conmen who primary drive is money.

“They used to hide in shrines with a few clients whom they used to meet at night but now they have opened up places which they have named churches,” he said.

Pastor, Senyonga says he’s organized a nationwide pastors’ retreat in which these issues will be addressed.

The pastor also pinned the rising criminality on the decline in people’s religious morals.

“Uganda is a spiritual nation which is exhibited from our Motto; For God and My Country, although at times the negative practices like witch craft tend to cover up the positive ones”


Senyonga on the other hand applauded the various security organs in the country which have been able to arrest suspects in these murders

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