Pastor Kyazze Apologizes to Kayanja to End Decade Long Feud

In an apparent spirit of a fresh start for the new year and the new decade, Pastor David Michael Kyazze of Omega Healing Centre has publicly apologized to his fellow Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre, for the hostility that had persisted between the two for over a decade.

Pastor Kyazze in a statement also called on his followers and supporters to “cease fire” and leave behind their feud with Pastor Kayanja and his followers.

“I also apologize to Pastor Kayanja and his family, for those things he perceived as evil in me,” Kyazze said.

“I believe the light of the Lord will shine in all the darkness someday. (John 8: 31-32).”

Kyazze together with six other born again church leaders from 2009 were engaged in a vitriol clash with Pastor Kayanja, whom they accused of actively engaging in and promoting homosexuality, which is forbidden in the Christian faith.

The feud ended up in courts of law in which the Kayanja accusers were found guilty of defaming him.

In 2012, Kyazze and his co accused were sentenced by Buganda Road Grade I Magistrate court to a Shs 1million fine and 100 hours of community service.

Kyazze served his punishment at Naguru Hospital where he had to attend to patients in different forms, including the spiritual aspect.


Kyazze’s apology yesterday followed a recent event in Mengo in which he met for the first time in a long time with Pastor Kayanja.

“At the recent Kabaka’s Christmas function in Bulange, I had an opportunity to meet Pastor Kayanja after a considerable number of years. A surge of petty and futility overtook me, as I saw a vulnerable mortal man just like all of us. Those who know me well know that I am quite emotional and I am often driven into action by compassion,” Kyazze said.

“It is in that spirit and after prayerful consideration that I have decided to write an apology to the entire body of Christ for the inconvenience I or the evil perceived of me may have caused in the execution of my pastoral duties.”

Kyazze insisted however, that he holds no personal grudge with Mr Kayanja, adding, “Every action I have taken relating to Pastor Kayanja was in line with and in response to those who voluntarily approached me for personal ministry.”


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