Pastor Kwesiga Tips Christians on Power of Self Discipline

Christians at Prayer and Divine Healing International Ministries, a church led by Pastor David Kwesiga, have for the past two weeks been learning how our behavior influences our targets in life.

The main area of focus was character, which saw believers undergo a fortnight of fasting that later culminated into a Holy Communion Service that was held on Sunday.

Last Sunday a Chimp corp prayed from Pastor Kwesiga’s church.

During service, believers are energetically intoning hymns, others praying, while ushers lead people inside the church.

But things completely change when the pastor hits the podium.

Part of the congregation at church on sunday
Part of the congregation at church on sunday

His contagious smile sweeps through the whole church, complementing the impressive modern lighting system and plasma screens the church acquired to keep the prayers more jovial.

Prayer Service

After his grand entrance, the congregation will then clap in sync to receive him.

On the particular Sunday we were there, the pastor was dressed  mainly on black  attire –black linen blazer,  black trousers, a black polka dot scarf, black shoes blended with a white Oxford shirt – and he spoke about a combination of being sluggard and procrastination; both of which are aspects of character.

He opened his sermon with an inspiring story detailing his decision to move to Naalya, giving insights on how he started from scratch single handedly.

“When I came to Naalya I started alone,” Kwesiga said, before adding “I preached to myself for almost a week before two other friends joined me.”

Pastor David Kwesiga preaching on Sunday
Pastor David Kwesiga preaching on Sunday

He continued that; “The friends were Dan and Nsubuga. After a long time of challenges, Dan quit because all efforts seemed in vain. From that time until I finally constructed my current church in Naalya, a lot of obstacles were faced, including resistance from other churches and preachers spreading malicious information about me.”

During that time, Kwesiga used to put on one pair of clothes which also looked disheveled.

He said that “Most people wouldn’t want to talk to me, let alone allow me pray for them. But I stayed firm and even fasted until a ray of hope beamed.”

After that narration, he segued into an interpretation relating to the topic, whereby he told the congregation that; “If I had waited for the right time, I would never have started and no one would have ever joined me.”

Kwesiga’s Inspiration

Kwesiga’s stories are not what only brings joy, fun and morale to the Service; on the fateful Sunday, the homily was punctuated with soothing songs from the choir, which dressed in white and blue garments, their efforts being powered by works of instrumentalists.

“I persisted and now I look great,” Kwesiga continued, then added; “Stop procrastination and receive what God has prepared for you.”

He revealed that “the lack of urge to act has sabotaged tons of people from doing productive stuff; someone who spends time avoiding work and other productive ventures will never get anywhere near their dreams.”

 To let that sink in, Kwesiga gave another example of a lady who was brought to him by a one Ronald, seeking advice on how to join network marketing.

“I told the lady to join immediately, and she is now making big money.”

Christians during a prayer session
Christians during a prayer session

Kwesiga told believers that it is only after acting that God will intervene: “God wants you to start so He finds you along the way,” Kwesiga said, before adding that; “Until you start, you won’t see God’s help.”

However much he prays for you, Kwesiga explained, before action, you won’t see progress.

Kwesiga, who is now increasingly revered by Christians, illustrated this with a story of a lady who built a bigger house than her boss, because she had planned for it.

“She made it because she did it progressively without waiting for having all the things at once,” he noted.

He strengthened his words with bible readings taken from mainly Proverbs, with the first from 26:13-15.

It reads; “The sluggard says, there is a lion in the road!  There is a lion in the streets!’ As a door turns on its hinges,   so does a sluggard on his bed. The sluggard buries his hand in the dish;   it wears him out to bring it back to his mouth.”

Then Proverbs 20:4, which reads; “Sluggards do not plow in season; so at harvest time they look but find nothing”, while 21:25 reads; “The craving of a sluggard will be the death of him, because his hands refuse to work.”

Kwesiga also cautioned Christians about giving themselves excuses to fail, “We are ever giving excuses; always taking paths of less resistance.”

Pastor Kwesiga also said that “God gave us all it takes; but you lack the zeal to start. No one will ever be with you at the beginning, people join you after seeing progress. You can’t exploit your greatness until you start.”

More Tips

The pastor also took time to encourage families to adopt helpful budgeting habits, which help them spend within their income levels.

He revealed that one can never realise their potential until they start working upon their desires.

Pastor Kwesiga preaching at church
Pastor Kwesiga preaching at church

He also said that “Young girls are dying of HIV/AIDS because of wanting free things from rich men, and boys are also becoming homosexuals because of being lured by money.”

At the end he asked for a hand clap from the congregation, then assured everyone that whoever listened in had been anointed.

Proverbs 6:9 and John 6:68 were also read to the congregation, while Luke 21:30-34, was orated before Holy Communion.

“After Holy Communion your eyes will open, and you will receive a revelation of your strength and capacity,” Pastor Kwesiga said, then added “Whoever receives Holy Communion today will receive God’s blessings and get a way to God’s healing.”

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