Pastor Bugingo Apologizes, Says Followers Have Increased After Scandal

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of the Makerere based House of Prayer Ministries church has issued a public apology for washing his family’s dirty linen in public and “causing hurt to several men and women.”

In front of hundreds of churchgoers and media cameras, Bugingo said his actions over the past week didn’t reflect the values of the (foster) family which raised him, or his own parents’.

Bugingo at the start of last week shocked the nation when he publicly attacked and berated his wife, Teddy Naluswa Bugingo and his elder daughter, accusing them of trying to steal his church land.

The couple’s 29 year old marriage is said to have hit turbulence over the past three years, forcing him out of their house.

The pastor is also reported to be seeing another woman, for whom he’s building a new mansion in Wakiso.

Bugingo’s attack on his wife was uniformly condemned by several leaders in the Born-again faith around the country.

He however, doubled down on the offensive, insulting some of the church leaders in the process including Pastor Jessica Kayanja of the Robert Kayanja Ministries, who he termed as ignorant.

This afternoon however, Bugingo changed tone and admitted he wronged by exposing his family problems.


He said such was not how he was raised, adding that even in the family where he grew up, there was domestic violence, which was never discussed publicly.

“I grew up in a family of married people. My father and mother too were married,” he said.

“In such pastoralist families, they usually had old sticks, which they kept not for rearing cows, but to take care of children and wives.

“But my (foster) mother Mrs. Bereta, I never heard her once talking about this among our neighbors.

“Therefore, for my foster family and my parents, both of which families I respect a lot, I will decide to respect my family as well.

“I want to apologize to the nation. God raised me from the dung hill. He who brought my name from there, I will not do anything that will tarnish the name he gave me.”

“I also apologize to the men and women who are tuning in and those who are here, who suffered through last week having to hear my a name over and over.”

Bugingo added that he was now choosing silence for the sake of his family and the future wellbeing of his children, born and unborn.

“I have kids, some of then unknown to you, and I am still producing more. And to all those children, in school or unborn, I want to assure you that if I was able to be silent for all those years, from today, I will not say another word that will hurt the future of my own children, my future in-laws, and my grand children.”

Across other churches on Sunday however, condemnation of Pastor Bugingo continued.

At Christian Life Church in Bwaise, Pastor Jackson Senyonga said Bugingo was being led by ungodly forces.

“You are confusing the nation,” Senyonga charged.

“Our children are still young . The internet itself is already killing them; pornography and fornication. And yet you are adding more evil to all this, and you celebrate?”

“Endorsing such a lifestyle, that’s not the power of God . That is someone else’s power.”

Pastor Bugingo however, said the scandal has not hurt his church, but strengthened it.

“Many people used to know us as the people who don’t run away from sunshine or rain. (The church congregates in the open). But now they understand that there are other things that we don’t run away from.”

Bugingo revealed that since the scandal broke, more people have joined his church.

“Last Friday alone we had 1300 new members joining,” he boasted.

“Last week alone we collected over 32million shillings.”

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