PART 1: Kampala’s Richest Slay Queens, Lifestyle, Source of Income Revealed

There is a new breed of women in town commonly known as ‘Slay Queens’ on social media in Kampala.

A slay queen is a woman who wants to choke everyone else with how beautiful and cool they are on the different social media platform especially Instagram and Snapchat.

According to the Urban dictionary, Slay Queens is defined as young and  naive girls who apparently do not date broke men.

These babes spend hours on Snapchat and Instagram showing off things they don’t even own…most times.

They are the kinds of ladies who maintain that they can only ride in posh rides, can only live in certain suburbs and as well have their specific menu.

Slay Queens worldwide have a few unifying factors; they must have their makeup intact at all times, love partying considering it is the best time to update their social media pages and tend to keep up with the latest trends-are always updated on the newest shopping malls.

And most importantly, these babes maintain social media presence-photos. Slay queens take photos and post them from when they wake up to when they retire in their king-size beds.

Whereas most of these slay queens are born into rich families and practically fed through a silver spoon all their lives, some are born in humble families but the desire to ‘make it in life’ has made them struggle to remain relevant at all costs; including doing the unthinkable!


Many times some of them are looked down upon by the general public for the sheer fact that their job is not viewed as a job at all, but rather, they are paid just to socialize at charity events across the world, hobnob with other rich folk, and try to keep their name in the social media and news, and many times, not in the best limelight.

ChimpLyf brings you some of Kampala’s richest slay queens who live in the fabulous lane, their lifestyles and sources of income.

Many have been in the news for one reason or another over the years and now they are on the list of the richest slay queens in Kampala.

They are beautiful, classy, stylish and fashionable with the latest designer clothes, bags and shoes hence the tag Slay Queens. And most of them are well educated.

They live life in the fabulous lane. At least if their Instagram feeds are anything to go by.

It is all about exotic locations and designer labels for these slay queens who rule Uganda’s social scene.

Nadia Mbire Kabahita Matovu

This curvaceous mother of one is one of the most educated slay queens in the country. Her instagram bio, where she calls herself Black Kim K, screams brains, Business Analyst at Deloitte, MSc International Business Management & Marketing.

Nadia Matovu loves the posh life of boat cruises

Nadia Matovu or Mrs. Matovu as she prefers to call herself is a daughter to Charles Mbire, one of the wealthiest indigenous Ugandans with an estimated net worth exceeding $200M as of six years back.

She is one of those that have had silver spoons all her life thanks to her filthy rich parents and she has maximized this opportunity to the fullest.

Nadia’s photos define class and wealth and she tops the list for Kampala’s young Crème de la Creme.

Nadia Matovu slays even on Monday

She is always on planes travelling and visiting all of the world’s best holiday resorts socializing with the globe’s rich and famous celebrities.

As a teenager, Nadia and her sister Thandiwe hosted Jamaican dancehall then duo Brick & Lace at their home.

Nadia’s family is so rich that some people sarcastically stated that she ‘bought’ a man act as her husband!

Two years back, Nadia got married to Yassah Matovu, son to rich businessman Yusuf Matovu of Youma Builders that deals in ceramic tiles.

They held a glamorous wedding in South Africa attending by the richest of the richest in Uganda.

Together, they have trotted the globe as Nadia never misses an opportunity to update her followers on her whereabouts.

Nadia is a jet-setter, and is constantly touring the world with her husband visiting five star destinations like the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, as well as high-profile international events like Formula One in Abu Dhabi and was also at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

The Matovus

When she about to deliver, she was flown to US and she gave birth from Prentice Women’s Hospital in Chicago, believed to be one of the most expensive health facilities in the world.

She lives in South Africa with her husband but often visits Kampala where she literary books entire hotels just to have a cup of tea. Not so long ago, her husband closed off a restaurant in Kampala to celebrate her birthday.

Princess Ruth Nsemere Komuntale

She needs no introduction on the social scene as she has been around for quite some time and done it all. The Tooro Kingdom Princess is one of the most beautiful babes in the country and she is one of those have grown in luxury given her royal status.

She is a sister to King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru; both raised by Queen Mother Best Kemigisa after the death of their father Omukama Patrick Olimi Kaboyo.

Princess Ruth Komuntale shows off her nice legs

Komuntale is a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Strategic Public relations from the American University Washington, DC.

The gorgeous babe regularly updates her social media pages with pictures from international fashion shows, Formula1, concerts with friends.

She might not be a heavy drinker but just sips on cocktails.

Ruth Komuntale stunning in bikini

Komuntale doesn’t need to work a single day in her life and her lifestyle will not be affected. This could be the reason she worked in DC at City Gate, a nonprofit organization helping under privileged children after graduating.

She has travelled every site there is to see!

She is currently dating a one Phil Amooti Durty who she is madly in love with.

Princess Komuntale enjoying a nice view

Before that she was married to American Duke Christopher Thomas but their union lasted just a year.

Reports had it that he wanted to milk the situation when he discovered Komuntale was a princess, the reason their marriage did not last; he was I n it for the money.

Jackline Nabaggala

She might not be known by many but Jackie is one of the babes in Kampala that know the value of money…ok, not exactly the value but how to make good use of it for her satisfaction.

The chocolate skinned babe enjoys shopping abroad and taking holidays to some of the most exciting exotic destinations.


Jackie Nabaggala


She lives the life of the party and is a constant fixture at most of the top events in Kampala.

Jackie has a loaded dude only identified as Moses who is her source of income.

Jackline Nabaggala on one of her parties

She is always in the company of friends who drink and eat on her bill and always like and comment on everything she posts on her social media pages.

In September, on her birthday, Jackie snubbed local musicians and hired Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz and Alikiiba plus Rwanda’s Charlie & Nina to perform at her glamorous party.

Jackie Nabaggala with Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba on her birthday

Initially, the birthday party was scheduled to take place at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel but she changed venues last minute.

Jackie lives a high budget lifestyle most girls in her age bracket simply dream of and watch in reality television series on E.

Jackline Nabaggala lives the princess lifestyle

She describes her life as ‘God Made.’

Mastulah Nassali Mutaasa

This one was also born in money. Mastullah is daughter to renowned city tycoon and property mogul Haji Mutaasa Kafeero.

She has grown up in luxury getting whatever she desires by literary just clicking a finger courtesy of her super rich dad who did everything possible to make sure she is happy.

Mastulah slaying in Virginia-USA recently

In a bid to tame her slay queen lifestyle; her father married her off to businessman Haji Ibrahim Lugobe Fahadi but the union was short lived as she preferred her social life to her marriage.

They bitterly broke up and Mastulah was then sent to USA for further studies but instead she got an American man and started living with him as man and wife.

Mastulah enjoying self on water

Mastulah returned with a baby instead of a degree!

She dumped her American baby daddy and is now dating new money bags Don Nasser Nduhukire who imported a Rolls Royce worth Shs1.1bn a month back.

Nasser is the one currently bankrolling her fancy lifestyle of travelling and shopping abroad as she is currently in Virginia USA.

Mastulah is always in five star hotels

In Kampala the two stay together as Speke Apartments where Mastulah hosts parties for her close friends.

Cynthia Nakiranda Kajoba

Another of the babes born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Cynthia is the daughter of tycoon Robert Sekidde, a business man with a multi-billion shilling investment portfolio and owner of Seroma Ltd, the biggest hardware dealership in Uganda.

And because her rich father loves her so much, he treats her like a princess and avails her with whatever she desires.

Cynthia Nakiranda Kajoba looking hot

On social media, she is always showing off the latest trends as seen on her Instagram and style blog.

Cynthia is into fashion and is up to date with the latest trends and was named best Fashionista at the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards in 2016.

Her lifestyle is not that of a typical slay queen characterized by wild partying and being present at most VIP events in town, but rather enjoys throwing private parties for her friends.

Cynthia Kajoba with her man on her 24th birthday

We are told this is because of the Christian background that she was brought up in.

She is married William Kajoba, son to another tycoon Solomon Kajoba, owner of Sojovalo Hotel.

On the social scene, the two have been branded ‘Slay Queen & King Royalty’ for their lifestyles and wealth backgrounds as source of spending power.

Cynthia is the CEO of Halo Collections

At 23, Cynthia was already a CEO of her own uptown Halo Collections Store at Kisementi. Besides, being brainy, she is also a go-getter and will not rest until she has achieved whatever she sets her mind on.

Lucy Bunyenyezi

The self-styled Black Barbie is a daughter to tycoon Ezra Bunyenyezi. She loves and enjoys the good life as evidenced on her social media posts.

However, unlike other rich slay queens, Lucy is down to earth and associates with anyone regardless of social ranking, status or background.

Lucy Bunyenyezi in New York

Because of her love for fashion, she is a regular at the prestigious New York Fashion Week where she rubs shoulders with some of the world’s biggest celebrities.

Though she is based in US, when in Kampala Lucy is always enjoying boat cruises with her equally rich friends including Nadia Matovu on Lake Victoria and Zanzibar.

Lucy Bunyenyezi posing in New York with Statue of Liberty in the background

She graduated with a honors degree from University of Brighton and is determined to become an actor in Hollywood.

Lucy is attending the world renowned New York Film Academy to realize her acting dream. The Academy is known to admit a limited number of entrants.

Lucy Bunyenyezi lives the fairytale life

In New York, she parties with Hollywood’s A-list stars at some of the hottest clubs.

Because money attracts money, Lucy is in a relationship with Henry Mulira, from the prominent and Buganda aristocratic Mulira Family.

TK Berriez

Real name Tiffah Kavuma is a daughter to loaded music promoter Musa Kavuma. She is a close pal of Nadia Matovu and the two are always hanging out together.

TK Berriez has been around the social circles for a while and it is on record that she does not date a man who is not rich to facilitate her fancy lifestyle.


TK Berriez

Although she is now married to city lawyer Ismail Kisambira, TK Berriez has dated a number of wealthy men in Kampala who have sponsored her numerous holiday trips abroad including Rome-Italy, South Africa, Dubai among others.

TK Berriez in Rome-Italy

Years, back a loaded city lawyer wanted to marry her but she refused to give up her slay queen lifestyle of partying and he dumped her.

Zari Hassan

The light skinned mother of five surely could not miss on this list.

Zari Hassan

Zarinah Tiale Hassan is rich, beautiful and doesn’t spare when it comes to partying having founded the All White Parties.

She runs her late ex-husband’s businesses in South Africa that generate income to sustain her fancy lifestyle that many babes only dream of.

Zari Hassan rocking in her gown

Her social media pages scream class and money thanks to the endless updates about her fabulous life.

Early this year, she broke up with Tanzanian super star singer Diamond Platnumz with whom she has two kids.

Zari celebrated her birthday this year in UK
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