Parliament Urged to Act on Road Carnage

The Rwizi region police commander Hilary Kulayige asked the members of parliament to start legislating for more strict laws to catch careless road users.

The RPC said the shockingly increasing road carnage on the various roads in the country can easily be linked to the loose laws against bad drivers.

Kulayige made the call on Tuesday while launching the road safety campaign week in Bushenga and Mwenda in Isingiro district.

He asked parliament to commence the amendment of the current traffic laws saying that the existing one are weak and less deterrent.

“I think as much as we are law enforcers, order sometimes it is useless arresting people in the wrong well knowing that their punishment is lenient.” he said.

At the event, Archbishop Paul K Bakyenga urged drivers and passengers to love and value their lives as the first step to addressing the road carnage.

MP Stephen Kangwagye who also attended the function said the cause of the accidents in the area is reckless driving and urged drivers to be conscious and avoid overloading.

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