Parliament to Cancel Pastor Kakande’s Fish Farming Permit

Lawyers of Kampala’s renowned pastor, treatment Samuel Kakande of Synagogue Church of all Nations were yesterday grilled by the Parliamentary committee on Natural resources over Illegal sand mining in Lwera and areas of Lake Victoria.

Pastor Kakande’s mining company Aqua World was last month found in breach of the contract awarded by NEMA and MPs yesterday sought an immediate cancellation of the working permit.

The lawyers including former Lands Commission chairman Joash Mayanja Nkangi and Bernard Mutyaba were given powers of attorney by Pastor Kakande and his wife to represent their company Aqua world which is under investigation.

The investigations came after Parliament found that several destructive and illegal activities were ongoing on Lake Victoria with threats of destroying the ecosystem of the lake.

Members were concerned that while Aqua World Company obtained a permit to establish fishponds around Lake Victoria, store it went into rice growing and sand mining.

The activities MPs said were suspicious and blocking fishing which fetches the country foreign exchange earnings.

During yesterday’s grilling however, the lawyers’ response on the queries was found lacking and they requested to be allowed more time to consult with their bosses and return to the committee.

These requested for a longer period informing the committee that one of the directors who is the wife to the pastor was out of the country.


This request was partially granted by the members who ordered that they return to the Committee on Friday with more convincing and relevant response.

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