Parliament Throws Out Nambooze’s Anti-alcohol Bill

Parliament has on Thursday advised Mukono Municipality legislator, rx Betty Nambooze to seek consent from government before being granted leave of the house to present the Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2016.

This came up after a heated debate on a motion by the law maker requesting the house to grant her leave so as to present the bill which members foiled after finding out that the move would contravene the Constitution.

Before ruling on the matter, the Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah who presided over the house inquired from government to find out if the proposed bill has a financial damage to the country’s economy.

“I would like to find out from government if it is true that the bill is either reducing or increasing on expenditure on behalf government; I see that it calls for the National Alcohol Licensing control committee which creates an expense to government,” noted Oulanyah.

“We are not stopping the member but you should seek for the consent of government and then come back and ask to be granted leave and present the bill,’ Oulanyah ruled.

He added that the constitution demands that if there are costs to be incurred, there should be consent of government. “This parliament cannot act in vain by discussing something which we know is against the constitution.

The State Minister of Health, Sarah Opendi advised Nambooze to work hand in hand with her Ministry since government is in preparation to come up with a similar regulation soon.

“When we were debating the alcohol control bill, we informed the country that we were working on the alcohol policy; it’s important for Parliament to always legislate when there is a policy to base the legislation,” Opendi noted.


“We agree that we must regulate the consumption of alcohol in the country, we are just waiting for space on the order of cabinet business and if granted the policy shall be presented and thereafter have the alcohol bill presented to the house,” Opendi noted.



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