Parliament Threatens to Cut Police Budget over Unaccounted 148M

Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chaired by Soroti Woman MP, more about Angelina Osege has threatened to cut down the budget for the Uganda Police which was recently raised, this site over accountability queries as raised within the Auditor General’s report of 2014/ 2015.

The police team headed by AIGP Edward Ochom, sales Dr. Steven Kasima, Andrew Serowen, Felix Kawesi and others including the Accounting officer, Rogers Muhirwa was facing the committee members yesterday.

The committee was first stunned to find out that Police couldn’t explain the monies that were presented before the committee as arrears and payables. The figures presented were found contradicting with what was discovered by the Auditor General in his report.

The payables under question include; UMEME, Water, Garage bills, House rent, medical drugs, urban water bills and other utilities.

The police accountant, Rogers Muhirwa requested for time to reconcile the figures claiming there was a mistake while transferring the figures from the accounts to the documents that were presented before Parliament.

Due to other irregularities raised, the committee asked for an immediate forensic audit by the Auditor General into the police account to issue a new report before the year ends.

Police was further put to task to explain the mismatch of a sum of Sh148m that was committed by the accounting officer despite being denied to further the move by the Ministry of Finance.

The police accountant, Rogers Muhirwa
The police accountant, Rogers Muhirwa

“You defied the PSST recommendations not to go ahead and transfer such huge amounts to cater for expenses that were not budgeted for; could we know categorization of these critical activities were funds were allocated,” charged the committee chairperson.


In his response, Muhirwa noted that , “ a sum of Sh33M was spent for retrieving a body of a fallen officer, AIGP Sharita who passed on from New York, 68.4 was impressed   for the training school and the rest of the fund was transferred to feeding police officers deployed in places of emergency.”

Members wondered how police would rush to request for a supplementary of Sh39.5bn to pay for utilities but neglected asking for a supplementary that would cater for emergencies such as taking care of the training school.

“We shall cut your budget because you are becoming wasteful, you should even be apologetic because we don’t even know your agenda no creating such mismatches which are illegal,” Osege noted.

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