Parliament Reschedules Prime Minister’s Question Time

Parliament has amended Section 34, sub rule (1) of the Rules of Procedure pushing the Prime Minister’s question time to Thursday from Wednesday.

The proposal was moved by the government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa while parliament was handling the amendment of rules procedure.

Nankabirwa said since the Head of State chose Wednesday to be cabinet day which sits in Entebbe; it would be favorable for the question time to be pushed to another day.

“I request that we change the Prime Minister’s question time to Thursday afternoon; when we sit in Entebbe, we find it very difficult to catch up with Parliament yet we want the Prime Minister to be here on time to answer questions,” Nankabirwa requested.

The opposition chief whip Ibrahim Semujju Nganda had wanted parliament to reject the proposal to shift the prime minister’s question time to Thursday, questioning why the President doesn’t use his office near parliament to hold cabinet meetings.

“I find the justification of the request by the Chief whip so casual; this Parliament appropriates money every year for the office of the president and his residences. Suppose he takes you to Rwakitura, we may then say that we have the Prime Minister’s question time once in a year,” Nganda said.

Nganda added, “Why doesn’t the president want to sit in the president’s office to execute the work of presidency. He even has offices here; this is a casual way of handling State matters by taking them to your residence all the time.”

But parliament agreed to approve the government chief whip’s amendment on this matter

Ministers are mostly absent or late for parliament’s proceedings on Wednesdays on ground because of cabinet, which often leads to suspension of the House sittings.

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