Parliament Report Blames HIV Prevalence on Men

A new report released by the Parliament’s committee on HIV/AIDS has strongly blamed men for the spread of the virus.

The report presented by committee chairperson Judith Alyek, who is also Kole district woman MP, stated that men have poor health responsiveness and take most sensitization drives for granted.

According to Alyek, the HIV infections rate stands at 227 people per day.

“There are areas that need to be quickly addressed more especially the unacceptable high HIV infections of 227 persons a day, mainly among the young within the reproductive age,” said Alyek.

She stressed that most men don’t know their HIV statuses and are the ones aiding the spread of HIV.

“A good number of men are unaware of their HIV status and have remained conduit for HIV spread. There is proportionately high HIV related deaths among men due to their poor health seeking behavior,” remarked Alyek.

The report says 45 percent of the men do not know their HIV status and of those that know their status, only 48 percent are enrolled for HIV care and treatment.

Men are also said to be the main channel of transmission to women, especially the adolescents and those in reproductive age.


The HIV committee recommended that Ministry of Health should revise the staffing norms to handle the increasing workload and also to establish position of the HIV Counselor in health centers.

House adopted the committee report which also backed the formation of Presidential Fast-Track Initiative on ending HIV/AIDS in Uganda by 2030.


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