Parliament Refutes Increasing Allowance of MPs

Parliament has dismissed allegations that the allowance of Members of Parliament has been increased in coming financial year budget of 2019/2020.

The Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Chris Obore said in a statement on Saturday evening that the general increase in the budget of Parliament by Shs 102bn is to cater for other items at the institution.

“Any budget increment in parliament is not necessarily for allowances of Members of Parliament. Parliament is a state agency like many others with funding gaps,” said Obore.

He added that the increase is to bridge the funding gap the institution suffered in the previous financial year.

“The Shs 102 budget increase for 2019/ 20 financial year is to cover up the previous budget deficit and cater for the new activities,” added Obore.

The Communications Director also stressed that new staff have been recruited requiring more funding for their salary allowances and Parliament is also slated to host the coveted Common Wealth Parliamentary Conference in September 2019.

“Parliament recently recruited 45 new staff. Parliament is hosting Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) in September,” he stressed.

Obore appealed to the public to desist from attaching all increase in Parliament budget to the welfare of legislators.


“ I know it might be ‘juicy’ to talk about MPs pay but Parliament is an institution that has activities to run,” he said.


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