Parliament Pushes Harder for Museveni Signature on Tax Exemption Bill

The debate to have lawmakers exempted from tax on their emoluments has hit Parliament again after orders to have the Bill reconsidered by the Committee on Finance, website like this Planning and Economic Development.

The Income Tax Amendment Bill 2016 was passed by Legislators despite negative reactions from the public; and sent to the president to sign it into law.

However, stuff President Museveni declined to append his signature and returned the bill to parliament calling on members to reconsider the very clause that raised contentions from the public.

Due to the demands from the house to have the bill re-discussed, the committee chairperson and Rubanda East MP Henry Musasizi called for an urgent meeting in which he summoned Parliamentary Commissioners and the Minister of Finance to agree on how to proceed with the contentious clause.

Appearing before the committee, Parliament commissioners Peter Ogwang and Arinaitwe Rwakajara said that the public is mistaken to think that MPs do not pay taxes, and recommended that Parliament should return to the president the Income Tax Amendment Bill, 2016 to the president to have it assented to without any delay.

“To be specific, each MP pays a monthly tax of Shs3.5m; there is no way you can give me money for fuel and at the same time you want to tax that money which I am to use to do my work in the constituency. That will be double tax to a member of Parliament,” Said Usuk lawmaker Ogwang.

“For us we have come as members of the commission to put it the public that members of Parliament pay taxes every month and those tax returns are with URA, whoever doubts should go to URA and ask,” said Ogwang,

Finance State Minister for Planning David Bahati said that government was still interested in the bill and requested for more time to appear before the committee with a clear position.


Since the MPs approved the tax exemption bill in April this year, Finance and Uganda Revenue Authority officials have insisted that MPs must pay their taxes on the lump sum of salary and allowances.

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