Parliament Passes Ban on Importation of Old Cars

Parliament has approved the ban on importation of old vehicles above 15 years from the day of manufacturing.

This followed a debate in the house on the report of the Committee of Finance, which had recommended that importation of used motor vehicles should be phased out in 20 years by reducing the date of manufacture by 3 years every subsequent year.

The committee also recommended for a comprehensive study to be conducted by government on the impact of motor vehicle emissions on the environment.

Government had suggested a much stricter ban of cars 8 years and older.

In a heated debate, some MPs opposed the ban on grounds that many Ugandans can’t afford to purchase new cars.

“We should extend (the ban) from 20 to 30years because even some of the cars that MPs drive here are old,” said Makindye East MP, Allan Ssewanyana.

Kasese District MP, Robert Centenary also confessed on the floor that he had been able just recently to acquire 2008 model car.

“The aspect of age is farfetched if we need to maintain people in employment. Even we as MPs, very few of us can afford new cars, even myself. The moment we crowd out a certain category of people, it is being unfair to Ugandans,” Centenary said.


After several members debated on the bill, the Minister of Planning, David Bahati conceded and agreed to an adjustment to 15 years instead of 8.

The committee Chairperson, Henry Musasizi later agreed with the Minister’s position to ban importation of old vehicles above 15 years.

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