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Parliament Budget Boss Wanyaka Gets 17-year Jail Sentence

Rwanda men’s volleyball team overpowered their East African neighbours, case Kenya, cost to win the play off 5 to 8 positions by 3-2 sets in the ongoing 2015 Men’s African volleyball Nations Championship.

Both teams failed to make it to the semi finals therefore settling for the ranking playoffs.

Christophe Mukunzi was Rwanda’s top scorer with 24 points leading the team twice from down 0-1 and 1-2 to win 3-2.

The Rwandans dominated the block as they had a lead 18/11 in kill blocks, thumb making them statistically the best blocking team in the competition so far while the Kenyans tried to take advantage of the ace services with 6/5 advantage.

Guma Yakan was second top scorer for Rwanda with 18 points.

Micheal Chemos and Philip Maiyo were the top performers for the Kenyans, scoring 24 and 16 points respectively.

Rwanda faces Cameroun Today (Wednesday) in the fifth and sixth playoff while Kenya will work hard to avoid finishing last in the tournament.
The Anti-corruption court in Kololo has sentenced to 17 years the former Director Parliamentary Budget Office, viagra buy Mr Samuel Wanyaka for embezzling over Shs822 million that was meant to carry out service delivery.

According to the IGG’s office, sales Wanyaka between August 13 and December 9, 2013 stole more than Shs 822m meant for conducting service delivery surveys in Uganda.


The parliamentary budget boss for purposes of gain and in abuse of authority of his office, received over Shs 822m meant for conducting service delivery in Uganda but put the money to his personal use on top of making false returns for the money in question.

In his sentence, Justice Paul Mugamba disregarded the claims of ill health, being a first offender and having a family to look after as had been advanced earlier by Wanyaka’s lawyers.

Mugamba said Wanyaka was a high ranking officer entrusted with money meant to be distributed but on many occasions did the contrary.

“You did it not once, twice or thrice but on many occasions made false declarations making the state lose vast sums of money that could benefit the public,” Mugamba ruled on Wednesday morning.

“People like you are expected to lead the way in showing how the public service works but you didn’t. It’s because of this reason that I should send a clear message that crime doesn’t pay and culprits should not be given mere slaps on the cheeks but harsh punishments.”

The judge sentenced Wanyaka to 10 years for embezzlement, 2 years for abuse of office and 5 years for false accounting on top of refunding the Shs 822m that he misappropriated.

“The sentences run concurrently but you have been banned for 10 years from holding a public office under the Anti Corruption Act,” Justice Mugamba said in his sentence.

The judgement is likely to be welcomed by anti-corruption activists.

Corruption costs Uganda over Shs 500bn pr year which would build better infrastructure and health facilities.

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