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Parliament Agrees to Recall Gen Matayo Kyaligonza from Burundi

Parliament has adopted a motion to recall Uganda’s envoy to Burundi, Retired Major General Matayo Kyaligonza, Chimp Corps report.

This came after the UPDF High Command member was involved in an altercation with a female traffic officer known as Esther Namaganda in Seeta, Mukono District on Sunday.

A video circulated on social media showed Kyaligonza’s bodyguards roughing up Namaganda, sparking public fury.

The general could be seen charging at Namaganda. The traffic officer said in a statement that Kyaligonza slapped her, a claim the former NRA war combatant denies.

In a heated debate today, Parliament adopted the motion tendered by the chairperson Uganda Women’s Parliamentary Association (UWOPA), Pamela Nasiyo to recall Ambassador Kyaligonza.

Butambala MP Hon Muhammad Kivumbi said there are issues under which public officers should resign, the conduct of Kyaligonza being one of them.

“Kyaligonza carries a title of His Excellency and that makes the case grave for a man of his caliber. This Parliament ought to call on Maj Kyaligonza to resign,” said Kivumbi.

Hon Jovah Kamateeka said the appointing authority should withdraw Kyaligonza.


“I know the people of Burundi will not accept him. Kyaligonza doesn’t reflect the character of Uganda, he must resign. He should also be held accountable by compensating the officer he assaulted,” she added.

Speaking to local media earlier this week, Maj Gen Kyaligonza said they found two vehicles that had been involved in an accident and the occupants had created a chaotic scene.

“My guards went out of the car to ask the police officers what had happened. The two parties involved in the accident were fighting each other in the middle of the road. My driver wanted to make a U-turn to avoid the chaos,” Maj Gen Kyaligonza was quoted by Daily Monitor as saying.

“What would you do? To continue driving in a chaotic scene or immediately make a U-turn and leave in peace?” Maj Gen Kyaligonza asked, adding: “Police and army officers are on the road to save us from chaos.”

He alleged that the female police officer abused them when they pleaded with her to escape the chaotic scene.

“If you are a woman, it doesn’t mean that you have to abuse people,” he said.

Already, Kyaligonza’s two guards are behind bars at Makindye Military Barracks pending investigations into the incident.

Kyaligonza is expected to be quizzed by Police over the incident.

President Museveni, who is the appointing authority, will decided on whether to recall or keep Kyaligonza in Burundi.

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