Parenting: 7 Vital Tips on Raising a Responsible Child

As the saying goes, ‘train a tree when it’s still young.’

You have to shape your child into what you want them to be as early as possible. Experts say responsibility is trained and instilled in a child. Here are some of the ways to raise a responsible child.

You should teach them to be responsible for their actions. If they have done something wrong, don’t cover up for them. Let them face it and find a solution. With this, you will be grooming a bold and responsible individual.

Tame character

Responsibility should start from the way the child behaves. Teach them to keep their bag after school, remove the uniform when they reach home and clean the table after eating.

Let them learn to greet people; be polite when talking and playing with friends and then go to other traits because responsibility starts from someone’s character.

Give them tasks

Sharifah Naiga, a mother of two, notes that reasonability starts from one knowing what to do. Give your children tasks and make sure they accomplish them. This can be a one time or a regular chore at home. This will teach a child that a person is supposed to work and get done with what they started.


“Some of the tasks could be washing utensils, mopping the house or any other chore. My elder daughter knows that her young sister is her responsibility – she will get her what to wear, protect her and she will do this even when I am not around because I have trained her to do that,” says Naiga.

Talk to them

Children need to constantly be talked to. Naiga adds that the things you tell your child will guide them even when they are adults. Tell them it’s important to be kind and to help others in need.

“Even us adults right now remember what our mothers taught us and do as they said. So it’s wise for a parent to sit their children down and tell them how to be responsible as early as three years,” she says, adding that children understand and will always carry on what they are taught.

Applaud them

Praise them when they do something good or complete a task. This can be in form of gifts, verbal praise or taking them out.

Betty Mugisha, a counselor, notes that a child will grow up knowing when someone acts responsible they are appreciated and it will grow up in them.

Punish them

She adds that you should also punish them in case they don’t act as required. For example if you tell them to do something and you come back when its undone, punish them to show them what they did is wrong and that they should act better the next time.

Don’t help them out

Make sure they start something and finish it on their own. Helping them means they will always run to someone for help even for small problems.  Responsibity means starting something and finding all ways to finish it.

Don’t remind them

Let them remember what they are supposed to do on their own. Constant remainders make them act on a whistle. Responsibility means you know what you are supposed to do, when and how. And this is something your child should learn well.

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