Paralysis at Courts as Prosecutors’ Strike Starts

Work came to a standstill at various courts in Kampala at the start of the state prosecutors sit down strike.

The Prosecutors in the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) kicked off with their strike as promised with the aim of pressurizing government to address their salary grievances.

The strike was declared last evening by the President of Uganda Association of Prosecutors (UAP) Baxton Bakibinga after government failed to respond to their concerns during the 14 days ultimatum.

Today at courts like Buganda road where there are five courts; City Hall and High Court, suspects were brought from Prisons and their counsels arrived at court as well as judges and magistrates but no prosecutors were present.

Case hearings and rulings as a result were not possible, compelling the judges and magistrates to adjourn the cases.

Some of the people whom we talked to at Buganda road court expressed worry about when this impasse will be resolved.

We are worried about our people who are being held in police cells. With the strike they can’t be charged on court,” remarked Musisi a concerned citizen.

The prosecutors want the lowest salary to be increased from 644,000 to 9 million shillings and the DPP’s pay to be upped from 11 million to 40 millionshillings.

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