Panamera Bar to Host Drive-in Cinema

With the outbreak of COVID-19, cinemas were closed, like most other hang out spots across the country, to contain the spread of the virus.

While some countries opted for drive-in cinemas, where people drive into the cinema space and stay in their cars as they watch movies, it seemed like a far-fetched myth to most Ugandans.

However, Koool Concepts together with Almost Famous entertainment will make it a reality this month on Sunday 27.

To make the experience more interesting, everyone who will be driving in will be given a silent disco headset to listen to music from DJs as they get settled in.

The movies will be watched on a projector but the audio will be listened to on the silent disco headsets.

Tickets will be going at Shs 40,000 per head and this will come with a free bottle of Pepsi.

According to the organizers, they hope to have one of these drive-in cinemas once a month to create an experience for people to enjoy cinemas despite the pandemic situation.


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