Pan-Africanists in Uganda Petition Libyan Authorities over Reported Slavery

A team from the Pan-African Pyramid led by Andrew Irumba Katusabe, who is the speaker, organised a peaceful demonstration Thursday and matched to the Libyan embassy in Uganda in Kololo, seeking a response from officials about disturbing reports of slave trade in the country.

Pan-African Pyramid is a non-partisan organization who ideal is to revive “intellectual” discourse among the youths with an aim of reconstructing Pan-Africanism, patriotism and nationalism values and spirit.

Dubbed “Walk for Freedom of Our Brothers and Sisters”, the peaceful protest involved around 40 people, carrying placards and banners containing different anti-slavery-torture messages.

The protest follows an early CNN report on alleged modern-day slave trade in Libya that showed over 20,000 migrants, refugees and asylum seekers being unlawfully held in detention centers.

The concerned Pan-Africanists perceived those allegations as human rights violation and dehumanizing in nature.

Speaking to ChimpReports, Irumba stated that “his team sat and decided to petition the Libyan Authorities to clarify whether the news circulating on social media about mistreatment of fellow Africans in Libya is true or false.”

The Pan – African Pyramid in their petition require a detailed response statement from the Libyan Government on the aforementioned allegations, immediate release of all African migrants and refugees from detention centers in Libya, investigations on torture and other ill treatment of refugees and African migrants in Libya be undertaken to ensure suspected perpetrators are brought to book.

The Pan-African Pyramid Members matching to the Libyan embassy to submit their petition on Thursday 7, 2017.

They also want the government to formally recognise the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and allow it fully carry out its mandate where protecting asylum seekers and refugees is inclusive as well reviewing of the migration policy cooperation to prioritize protection of the human rights of refugees and African migrants instead of trapping them in Libya.


The Libyan Authourities, however, denied all allegations of human trafficking in Lbya.

While addressing the bitter PAP members, the Libyan Ambassador to Uganda, Naima Algihani, said the allegations are not proven, adding that investigations by the international peacekeeping bodies were underway to prove how the unbecoming act is being conducted in Libya.

“The practice shall be proved if it is proven to have occurred from any person who was inside Libyan territory,” she said.

Joan Ahumuza, a member of the Pan-African Pyramid displays one of the messages on the banners they carried.

She added that there is no way Libya could allow such inhuman acts, considering it has for the years “supported all means and material and moral means to gain the African continent its independence from colonialism and to renounce racial discrimination racial discrimination among the people of this continent.”

To back up her argument, Algihani gave some of the demonstrators copies of the statement issued on November 26, 2017 from the Embassy of Niger which vividly refute the claims as lies and unrealistic.

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