Pan-Africa Live Debate: Gen Tumwiine Tackles Uganda’s Stinking Corruption

Uganda’s Former Army Commander Gen Elly Tumwiine is expected tomorrow as chief discussant at this week’s Pan African Live Debate.

The Pan African Live Debate is a weekly public dialogue that happens every Friday at Fairway Hotel in Kampala.

Here, senior citizens, government officials and a range of other stakeholders are invited to discuss with the general public on different topical issues.

Gen Tumwiine will be discussing a topic on the roles of African governments in the fight against corruption,  putting Uganda into perspective.

The event kicks off at 5pm, through the evening and ChimpReports is a proud sponsor.

A former teacher and vocal nationalist and Pan-Africanist, Gen Tumwiine was the brain behind the Volunteer Anti Corruption Campaign Africa [VACCA], a movement that mobilizes against corruption in the country under the Motto “We Shall Win.”

Gen Tumwiine is among the country’s highest ranking army officials and a key figure in the six year guerrilla warfare that brought into power the current National Resistance Movement government.

He is remembered as the man that fired the first bullet of the revolution while the NRA fighters captured the quarter guard at Kabamba barracks; the very first barracks they captured.

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