Pamela Musimenta: MTN Mobile Money Eases Transactions with Clients

Pamela Musimenta is a 26-year-old ‘hustler’ as she would like to be known.

She runs many small businesses including a salon, a make-up studio, a baking house, a hand making jewelry shop, a nail bar and an events management company.

For her business to be successful she has to make many transactions within a short time to numerous people.

“At any one time I have so many clients to attend to. The best way to manage them is using mobile money especially where they are paying me for services rendered or making a deposit to book my services” says Musimenta.

“And in this day and age of business where none is to be trusted it is only MTN Mobile Money that I trust to ensure that I get my money from the client, especially where we are not at the same place to receive that money” she says.

Musiimenta who hails from Rukungiri and a graduate of International Business from Makerere University Business School is known by various hashtags based on her work including #BeingPamela, #SilentDreamer, #MakeoverQueen and #GodsVessel.

A lady getting a service at Musimenta's salon
A lady getting a service at Musimenta’s salon

She is the true millennial entrepreneur, doubling business and her passions which bring her the much needed income everyone thrives for. Her shop is located in Equatorial Mall.

Her experience with MTN Mobile Money is that of a friend rather than a financial service.

“MTN Mobile Money is more than an application on my phone; I view it as a trustworthy best friend. A while ago while I was managing a wedding I ran out of cash but needed to purchase a last minute order of 100 wines that needed to be on tables before the guests arrived. Luckily I had MTN Mobile Money and I was able to have it cleared at the wine shop and then delivered on a boda – which I also paid using MTN Mobile Money! So let’s just say that MTN Mobile Money is my savior, if it wasn’t for it I don’t know what I would do!”

“My transactions are also more convenient as I don’t have to carry cash around. In fact I feel safer since I don’t have to move with liquid cash. The people I also deal with don’t have legal documents or receipts or paper trails. MTN Mobile Money has therefore ensured my cash transactions are tracked and recorded by providing evidence of payment to my business partners and clients” said Pamela.

Whichever way you look at it, thanks to MTN Mobile Money. Pamela Musiimenta’s small businesses are thriving due to the efficiency and use of ease that the service provides.  

Musiimenta’s small businesses that are powered by MTN Mobile Money include: Pamela Musiimenta Make-Up Studio, Makeup Artist at Darling Uganda, Official Makeup Artist at Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards, Team Leader at MELLA Events, Jeweller at Pamela Musiimenta Jewellery and Team Leader at Flash Models Uganda.


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