PALLASO: I Terribly Missed Radio & Weasel

Fresh from performing in Dubia with Team No Sleep crewmate, buy buy more about http://cfbtoman.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php Sheebah Karugi, Amaso singer Pallaso has come out and disclosed that for the time that he was at loggerheads with singing dual, Radio and Weasel, he was really mentally drained by the feeling of missing them which always left him feeling low.

Pallaso said this in a new poem which he wrote talking about his family fights with his brother, Weasel and how his father takes him (Pallaso) as a shepherd.

In the poem, the Go down Low singer highlights that Uganda has finally accepted that he is a good musician; thanks to Radio & Weasel and that even his children now know that their father is a superstar.

“Radio and Weasel have always been my brothers. They still are and will always be. I have the same love for them like I have for all my other brothers. I have missed them and in the process I have been mentally and physically drained,” Pallaso noted.

“I love Radio and Weasel and I am a huge fan. Last night marked the beginning of great relief for me,” Pallaso noted after he was seen speaking with the Goodlyfe boys after a long spell of beef and bickering.

Pallaso is well known to have always been in trouble with his singing brothers Weasel and Jose Chameleone both with whom he recently reconciled alluding that 2015 should be a trouble free year.

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