Pader: Man Dies in “Canes for Cash” Game

Police in Pader district in Northern Uganda are investigating a murder case in which a man allegedly died from strokes of cane he got in a competition.

According to Police this “stroke for cash” competition was organized in a local bar at Aluka trading centre, Kalangule parish, Ogon sub county in Pader district.

Police said the deceased identified as Jackson Okello, 48 years was drinking with other revellers and when he got drunk, he offered himself to be caned five strokes for 500 shillings.

During the excitement, three young men now suspects identified as Basiliyo Odong, John Ojera and Charles Okello managed to thrash him 20 strokes which fetched him 2000 shillings.

Police reports indicate that the money was handed to the deceased and he continued drinking.

He later left the bar but the following morning, he was found dead by the roadside.

Authorities said that although the actual cause of the death is not yet established, they are still interrogating the suspects.

The public has been cautioned against organizing such challenges like drinking competitions because they pose a threat to health and also security.

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