Packwach: Rejected Husband Sets Self Ablaze at In-laws’ Home

West Nile Regional police is investigating a crime of passion in which a man set himself on fire after being rejected by his wife.

Omodo Alex, 40, who is now deceased, was a resident of Kakwinyu village in Packwach district.

It is said that the deceased had family misunderstandings with his wife which forced her to leave him and go back to her parents’ home in the same district.

“However, the man raised money and bought four goats to go and lure her, and also compensate the parents. But when she was invited to settle the matter, she said that she was no longer interested,” said police.

This propelled the man to buy petrol and set himself on fire at the in-laws home because they failed to convince her to reunite with him.

He was rushed to the area health center IV but was later pronounced dead due to the severe burns he sustained.

Police has cautioned people against taking desperate decisions of ending their lives due to matters that can be settled if they seek advice and counseling from experts and other authorities.

This incident adds to the already high number of cases of suicide registered by the law enforcement body this year.


Recently, Police expressed concern after releasing a report showing a spike in the number of people who are ending their lives prematurely. Statistics since January have surpassed 250 cases compared to last year.

Experts have since attributed this to the stress among the people caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


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