Owobusobozi Bisaka Scoffs at Death Rumours

The Founder of the Faith of Unity Owobusobozi Bisaka has opened up on rumours that have been spreading in recent days that he died.

Bisaka on Sunday while addressing his followers at his 88th birth day cerebrations at Kapyemi in Muhorro Town, approved Kagadi District, put it clear that mortal humans have no control over his life but only God the creator, who has powers over all creatures.

Rumours were taking root in the area that Bisaka, a self-professed god had died, while others claimed he had been airlifted to India for medical treatment.

Hundreds of people who were confirmed into Bisaka's religion
Hundreds of people who were confirmed into Bisaka’s religion

To the surprise and relief of thousands of his devoted followers, Bisaka showed up looking healthy at his 88th anniversary at his Kapyemi Itambiro headquarters.

During the prayers, Bisaka confirmed a total of 720 believers into the Faith of Unity.

He called upon the believers to desist from indulging in anti-social acts such as Alcoholism which has negatively affected their lives in terms of development.

Last month, police arrested and charged with trespassing, a middle aged man who had camped at the Itambiro claiming to have been sent by the Holy Spirit as replacement of Bisaka.

John Kabaruli, a resident of Karuguza in Kibaale district was arrested after sneaking inside the Itambiro to conduct prayers.


He was detained at Kagadi Police Station.

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