Overcoming Health Service Delivery Challenges: New Strategic Management Gives Hope to Ugandans

By: Daraus Bahikire

For quite a while, find Uganda’s health system has been engulfed in infinite challenges worsened by heated woes and uncoordinated activities in the ministry.

At only 3 months in office as the Permanent secretary (PS) ministry of health (U) Dr. Atwine Diana comes in to cause a reformative stimulus across the country by redesigning a performance strategy.

Dr. Diana Atwine is not a stranger in the ministry; she served as the head of state house health monitoring Unit which was established by His Excellency the president to monitor the performance of the health sector. While in the docket, find she vehemently condemned the high corruption practices that constrained the performance of the institution to the compromise of Uganda’s growth and development.

On her assumption of duty as the PS, Dr Diana promised to consolidate staff efforts and efforts of all Ugandans to enhance the performance of the institution to satisfy the health demands of the Ugandan population.

She started off her tenure with a journey to Europe where she met with a number of health partners. On the 28th of January 2017 with WHO-AFRO Regional Director, Dr. Tshidi Moeti in Geneva the gist of the discussion was the  role of  Uganda in building capacity to strengthen the rapid Response to epidemics and taking lead in building capacity in the region

On the 25th of January 2017 in the House of Parliament (UK) with Lord Crisp , Lord Dolar Popat and Prof Ged Byrne ,the strategic partnerships of UK -Uganda Alliance together with key players was the area of focus for a  renewed enthusiasm to collaborate more to improve health care in the two countries.

On the 24th of January 2017, She co-chaired at the Uganda UK Health alliance symposium, 2017.In the deliberations, the focus was on collaboration of Uganda and the UK around areas of; Supercharging professional volunteering and placements in Uganda, Joint needs assessment for public health research; leadership devt for partnership working and healthcare improvement, Sustainable capacity building, Knowledge transfer through partnerships and establishment of  an emergency care and patient safety policy for Uganda were also  components of the symposium.


It was in the same period that Uganda won the 2017 ALMA 20130 award for its committment to fighting malaria ,adisaster that cause 27% death of Ugandans.

By default, Uganda’s health sector was later  boosted up by a enrmous equipment and infrastructural  offers.

In partneship with an Italian Ngo-Emergency  a centre of excellency padeitric  surgery hospital is to be established  in entebbe. The hospital will handle referrals in Uganda,East Africa and the entire continent.The services in this hospital will be free.

Later Uganda recieved fast detecting new TB diagnostic machines from the American embassy worth 500m, these give diagnostic results in just 2 hrs. The machines were handed over to the state minister of health for general duties Ms Sarah Opendi by the HE Deborah Malac, American ambassador to Uganda. So far,112 health facilities in over 60 disticts accross the country are equipped with geneXpert machines.

All these develpments have given Ugandans a new signal of health service revival.

However,the question remains ,how will the criticised ministry bring to face smile  in the public domain? To Dr Diana , she feels her new strategies will signficantly revive the minstry .

On finance discpline, Dr Diana says there will be uniformed budgeting and hospitals must have similar priorities .

On fleet  management , she looks at cutting  fuel and car repair by half  to divert money to core activities. On issues of  ministry vehicles , the PS plans  to establish a motor vehicel inventory to come up with the right number of vehicles in the ministry.So far she confirms that  a vehicle census  was carried out to count and register all the ministry vehices.A record will be kept detailing  whch vehicle is on which assigment  and under which official

In the same line, she is to establish a motorvehicle tracking system which will give information on destinations for  different vehicles ,for how long and  what they have been doing.The system according to the PS,will check on  fuel consumption thus eliminating false fuel requisitions that she claims has been rumpant. She is certain that such transparency will result into efficiency and save money for investment into more productive ministry work.

She adds on that  false vehicle repair is another area where alot of ministry money has always been mishandled and promises to mitigate it by having one central place where all vehicle repairs are to be done except for major repairs which will be backed by controlled spare parts procurement. This not being enough ,she plans to institute a policy limiting the number of  repairs per car in a specified period of time.

On performance management, she says new targets and performance indicators will be set for hospital directors for proper performance appraisal and and that very ministry staff,her inclusive will be assesed basing on the results /outputs rather than the time spent in office.

In the same regard, all hospital directors will be assessed and evaluated in terms of case drop per disease/infection/epidemic  rather than the number of patients treated because she asserts that prevention will largely be apriority. However, to her, prevention will not be a “lightening” event, she says a number of outreach programmes allocating time for different preventive interventions  e.g nutrition,hygiene etc will be carried out.

However, being a new approach , she assures the staff that they will be offered leadership training sessions starting with the top leadership so that every body becomes part and acclamatised to strategic changes that are geared towards improved performance and thus excellent service delivery to Ugandans.

At this biting corruption, Dr Diana assures Ugandans that she will be hard on accountability  because limited resources must be spent on things that better the health of Ugandans and therefore calls upon Ugandans to be on the lookout for  any one who earns ggovernment(tax payers)money but does not offer commensurative sevice.

She notes that ministry cannot act in isiolation , but calls upon  the general public, religious  and cultural institutions, civil society , politicians and local government to cosolidate efforts,support as a collective responsiblity  in persuit of a  transformed health service sector.

To all Ugandans , this new energy ,zeal and enthusiasm  in the ministry  deserves great support as for development  to thrive, every Ugandan  must be part and parcel of every step.

Uganda is our common plate, lets build and transform it.

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