Over 962 Police Recruits Dropped Due To Poor Health

Over 900 new police recruits were last week sent home from the force’s training school in Kabalye for failure to pass medical tests.

According to Police, the recruits did not only fail medicals but also had forged academic credentials.

Authorities said that in the recently concluded recruitment drive, Police did a preliminary vetting process at that time but the recruits were further subjected to thorough medical and fitness tests as well as verifying their academic documents when they reported to school.

On Monday, Spokesperson Fred Enanga told the press that out of the 5000 selected persons, some did not meet the required qualifications.

“We want to inform you that a total of 962 recruits failed the fitness and academic tests, some of which were over qualified and others could not meet the medical requirements,” he said.

He added that every time Police recruits new personnel, they are subjected to training which involves demonstrating physical strength and other endurance tests that require preparing them for tough field work.

Therefore due to costs involved, Police argues that they can not afford retaining people who are not medically fit.

However, the police publicist said that they have already made replacements of the expelled recruits and the training is going on smoothly.


A few people whose academic documents were forged have been confiscated and handed over to the criminal investigation department at Masindi.

The law enforcement body is currently training 5000 people including learner assistant inspectors of police and police constables.

The development according to Police is to add on its manpower which stands at 42000; a number that is still relatively low depending on the raising national population.

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