Over 10 Arrested for Terrorising Kampala

Police has arrested a gang of criminals suspected to have been involved in the recent house raids in Kampala and Wakiso.

The suspects are believed to be part of the gang that caused havoc to people in the city suburbs of Najeera, viagra Namugongo and the nearby areas.

The group broke into houses before robbing and terrorising members of the public in areas around Kira in Wakiso district.

ChimpReports understands that over 10 members of the group were later apprehended by police before being detained at Kira division police station.

The arrests come at the backdrop of a public outcry over increased acts of criminality in Kampala and Wakiso.

Several people have urged heavier security deployment following attacks on their homes by Panga Wielding thugs.

Similar incidents have been witnessed in the greater Masaka region where locals were stabbed, cut and also robbed of their valuables by unknown gangs causing panic and fear among the locals

Earlier this month, police spokesman AIGP Asan Kasingye visited Bukomansimbi District and assured the locals that police and the army were in control of the situation.


“These are not rebels but rather small elements of thugs who want to create fear into you,””Kasingye told locals in Bukomansimbi.

“They are only intimidating you so that you fear and they can freely carry out their acts.”

Kasingye however urged them to reactivate security committees and village registers as measures to check on insecurity in the area.

“The police officers need to be on the ground to find out what is always happening to the locals. Relate with them but not sitting in your offices. ”

The locals in Bukomansimbi narrated to the police mouthpiece that they live in fear after a number of attacks and leaflets promising to harm them had been pinned in their areas.

“They (thugs) attack, beat, cut and rob you before taking off.We are living in fear,”said John Bosco Kasenge, an LCII councillor in the area.

“We have been thinking of relocating to other villages for fear of lives.”

The locals narrated of how in one night over 10 people were attacked and cut by the thugs on one village.

“They attacked and whoever tried to rescue was either beaten or cut, “said Samuel Kalibbala a local council chairman.

They however blamed the insecurity partly to the absence of vibrant local council leadership like it was in the past.

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