Otafiire Brands NRM Leaders ‘Con Men’

Tension is rising in the western Mbarara Municipality over reconstruction of Markhan Singh market whose land title is in question.

The traders formed an association named the Mbarara Markhan Singh Market Landlords Association through which they undertook to rebuild the old and dilapidated market.

However in a May 14 meeting, buy more about http://cebudoctorsuniversity.edu/services/web-ex-tutorials-guides-links.php the Municipality Council declared the association illegal, sending the traders back to square one.

State Minister for Economic Monitoring Hon Henry Banyenzaki was petitioned to intervene in the matter, but local leaders would not heed to his instructions.

Minister Banyenzaki recently wrote a letter ordering Mbarara RDC Nixon Kabuye to allow commencement of the construction of a new market but this has been disregarded.

The traders accuse their chairperson Margaret Bagezire of clinging onto the market land title.

It is said that the chairperson used the land title as collateral to acquire a loan of about Shs 900 million.

Mrs Margret reportedly borrowed Shs 800 million from a tycoon named Dubai, and another 110 million from one Chris Boona who is husband to the district woman Mp Emma Boona.


It is believed that the market land title is between these two tycoons.

The traders’ association chairperson Margret was elected in 2007 and her term in office expired some time back but she has refused to go.

The traders are now worried that once the association is dissolved, they are likely to lose the market.

The Ruling NRM party has been through a lot and the last thing it needs now is liars occupying its leadership positions.

This was contained in Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Hon Kahinda Otafiire’s message to NRM leaders at a meeting in Bushenyi town.

The minister was officiating at the closing of the NRM delegates meeting for the Greater Bushenyi district.

At the meeting, medications http://claps-sante.fr/wp-content/plugins/wp-gmappity-easy-google-maps/wp-gmappity-easy-google-maps.php the minister warned NRM leaders to stop conning their electorate that they have been sent by President Yoweri Museveni.

He said that many NRM candidates at different levels have are in the practice of telling lies to their voters that they have been sent by president Museveni so that they can be trusted and voted into power.

“I have been with Museveni for over 40 years now and he has never sent me to my voters. When did he start sending you who just met him yesterday?” said Otafiire, price http://corcoranproductions.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/loop/sale-flash.php who is also the Member of Parliament for Mitooma County in Mitooma district.

He noted, abortion http://davidyoho.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/wc-formatting-functions.php “At this time we don’t need to tell lies. Go, talk to your voters and if they are convinced, they will give you votes. You are just conning them.”

The minster also said that nobody should stop NRM candidates from standing on different positions because NRM is for all and therefore voters have the right to vote for whoever they want.

“You will be saved by your deeds because at the level of primaries, we are all equal and stopping someone from standing would send a bad signal to the people. Don’t forget that we have competitors in other political parties who are monitoring whatever we are doing. Just identify your weaknesses and plan to be stronger rather than blocking other people who want to stand against you.” He said.

Otafiire further warned Ugandans against misusing social media by posting hate speech saying that such habits are a threat to national security since they stir ethnic tensions.

His comments came on the heels of president Museveni’s recent warning to the brains behind the uploaded audio hate speech on Whatsapp, which divided Ugandans along tribal lines. Museveni vowed to deal with such social media abusers.

While speaking to Chimpreports on Tuesday, the security minister, Mrs. Mary Karooro Okurut condemned the act noting that its intention was to promote ethnic tension among Ugandans.

Present at the conference were Ministers, Members of Parliament, Resident District Commissioners, NRM chairmen, Local government chairmen, District Internal Security Officers and other NRM leaders at different levels.

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