Oryx Energies Embrace New Technology

Oryx Energies has joined the cashless race by embracing the debit cards as a way of making transactions.

The company officially launched the Oryx Fuel card yesterday (Wednesday 8th August 2018) to their customers during a press conference at Lugogo.

“We are proud to introduce the Oryx fuel card because we understand the needs of our customers. This card is set to attend to the needs of the common man,” said Peter Busingye, Managing Director Oryx Energies.

He added, “This card is not only for fuel but can also be used to purchase gas at the cheapest price possible with the discounts that are on it.”

With the introduction of the debit cards at Oryx, customers will no longer undergo frustrations that come with cash transactions.

Busingye informed that the card is currently free of charge to customers till the end of August.

“Our customers will be able to load money on the card using mobile money and the beauty of it is that we will not charge any taxes,” he addressed the media.

It is clear that Uganda is moving closer and closer to the digital world away from the cash transactions.

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