Orthodox Church Head Defends Bishop Kibuuka’s Dress Code

Patriarch Jerold Gliege, the world head of the Evangelical Orthodox Church (EOC), who is on his pastoral visit in Africa, has come out in defense of Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka and other servants dressing the same way as other religions in the country.

The Patriarch informed journalists that while it is true that their vestments look like those of other religions, this is because they all belong to one church that believes in Christ Jesus.

“The Entire Catholic church in history has dressed in vestments because they have been church’s traditional attire for centuries,” he said.

Last year, Bishop Kibuuka appeared at the Mamre Center Namugongo during his Consecration ceremony, dressed in catholic vestments, which was not received well by people in the Roman Catholic Church.

The Catholic lawyers asked Kibuuka to withdraw from dressing like Catholic Bishops or face legal action.

Gliege noted however that due to the fact that they belief in the one Catholic Apostolic church, he sees no problem with dressing the way other churches do.

On referring to the Evangelical Orthodox Church as a cult, Girege termed these as baseless rumors.

“We are a church that believes in trinitrical doctrine, we stand with other churches that believe in Christ”




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