Opposition Warns African Leaders on Crimes against Humanity

A few weeks after former Premier Amama Mbabazi was relieved of his duties as leader of government business in Parliament, tadalafil sale former FDC President Dr Kizza Besigye has spoken out on the political fate of the NRM Secretary General.

Addressing journalists in Kampala on Wednesday, cure Besigye said that in sacking Mbabazi, this the President was only clearing ground for Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba to take over the highest political seat in the country.

“He is now talking of bringing in new blood (youth) including Todwong and Frank Tumwebaze as the coming generation but he is preparing the country for his son (Muhoozi) which is betrayal of the elites who have vision for this country,” Besigye noted.

Muhoozi is yet to speak out on whether he is harbouring political ambitions.

However, Museveni was quoted as telling NRM youth at a recent function at State House Entebbe that “I am not grooming Muhoozi or any one to take over presidency. Muhoozi knows how to be President.”

Speaking on the sidelines of the UN general Assembly in an interview with Al Jazeera last year, Museveni said “That man (Muhoozi Kainerugaba) is an army officer. He is not interested in politics in Uganda.”

Asked if Muhoozi might be interested in the long run, Museveni replied, “That is up to him and the people of Uganda.”

On reports that he intends to pass over instruments of power to Muhoozi, Museveni added: “Any leader of Uganda would have to go through a democratic process.”


Besigye today warned Mbabazi to go slow on the presidential bid, saying, “Museveni and the NRM party can only be compared to a herd of sheep set out to look for pastures and better lives. But within themselves is a cunning wolf that will soon eat all the sheep.”

Besigye stressed that it’s unfortunate that many of the NRM members have not realised that the president puts his family above party concerns.

“It was nonsense to say Mbabazi should go. The clear intention of Museveni is to build personal power over everyone else, expand it and sustain it. He talks about himself as the most senior member of the NRM and is therefore above all others which is not true,” added Besigye.

Mbabazi has since denying reports he wants to contest for President in 2016. He, however, maintains that harbouring presidential ambitions is not a crime.
If there was such an accolade as “Man of the Month” of October, website like this Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura would have been an aggressive competitor.

He recently treated the nation to a sumptuous fete as his Police Force, patient which he has commanded for almost a decade, marked 100 years of existence.

The General from Kigezi stood tall at the function and comfortably spoke like a Martin Luther, showcased a great deal of his force’s acquired might, and generally impressed.

But that was perhaps because at such a military afternoon, he was literally at home. Like his late dad John Kale, that’s what he has been groomed to be — a fighter.

The day we met him donned not in police combat, but a conventional black 2 piece suit, he looked like an innocent choir boy.

It appeared as though it was the suit wearing him and not vice versa.

Trying to fit in fellow police bosses
Trying to fit in fellow police bosses

Gen Kayihura recently hosted a team of fellow IGPs from across the continent for the Second Adhoc Committee Meeting preparing for the establishment of a continental police force (AfriPol).

The arrangement was such that only junior police officers were to show up in their police uniforms, and thus commenced Gen Kayihura’s woes.

A man who has been in armed forces uniform since 1982, being compelled to put on a suit at such a grand occasion couldn’t get any more torturous.

A real cause of disconfort
A real cause of discomfort

He was seen fumbling and sweating in the searing shinny black jacket whose sleeves he attempted more than twice to fold up as is the army tradition.

“I…I…I honest am not used to wearing these things. This is uncomfortable,” Kayihura; who, ironically has a vast background in Law and Economics mumbled to one of his colleagues.”

He said he had lost his posture in the suit and he did not lie.

Searching for the Military posture in a suit
Searching for the Military posture in a suit
Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) Vice president, symptoms Joseph Bosa has advised African leaders to stop committing crimes against humanity if they wish to escape the long hand of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In an interview with Chimpreports, price Bosa noted that instead of African Leaders thinking of reviewing their membership to the ICC, they should rather reorganize themselves so as to avoid being indicted with war crimes, crimes against humanity and stirring up genocides.

“It is now too late for the AU members to review their commitment to the ICC and yet it was through their sober minds that they appended their signatures to the Rome statute that led to the establishment of the court,” Bosa said.

This follows a proposal by the president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni that the African Union (AU) member states should review their membership at the ICC after the latter ignored the AU stand not to summon a sitting President for trial but went ahead to summon President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya to the Court headquarters in the Hague.

According to president Museveni, by ignoring the collective wisdom of the African leaders, the ICC has turned from being “the value additional product that Africans expected, to a biased tool of post colonial hegemony.”

Bosa added that these leaders should instead think of obeying the entire treaty other than only celebrating articles that favor them.

It should be remembered that on 16 December 2003 the Government of Uganda filed a case against the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) rebel leader; Joseph Kony to the ICC prosecutor on charges of war crimes.

On 14 October 2005, the Pre-Trial Chamber II of the ICC unsealed arrest warrants for five of the LRA’s top leaders, including; Joseph Kony,Okot Odhiambo, Dominic Ongwen Vincent Otti and Raska Lukwiya.

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