‘Opposition Taking NRM Party Cards’

Leading Flight Company Emirates has awarded 10 lucky Ugandan winners in the just concluded Value for Money Competition.

The competition which has been going on for two weeks, clinic was held on Capital FM where people had to call-in and answer questions about Emirates and its services in order to be able to win different gifts.

The winners included students of Makerere University, viagra buy Makerere Business School, a lab technician and a business man.

Among the prizes were vouchers to the Kampala Restaurant Week, Movie Tickets and Emirates branded bags.

The gifts were handed over to the winners by the Emirates Sales Manager Ms. Noelene Nyonga.

Speaking at the handover, she said; “We are committed to the experience of our customers and fans. We now know that many people know a lot about Emirates and it is through this competition that we discovered that we are indeed popular airlines in the country. Our decision to reward these fans reflects our commitment to everyone who knows about our business.”

“Emirates will continue to avail competitive price fares and campaigns to Ugandan travelers in all ways we can,” She added

Emirates flies to more than 140 destinations in 81 countries across six continents, and it’s the world’s largest operator of Boeing 777 and A380 aircraft.



Mabior Garang, purchase the son of departed South Sudan founding father, information pills John Garang, information pills has abandoned rebel leader, Riek Machar to join G-10 – a group of former exiled SPLM top politicians who returned to Juba recently.

This followed a series of negotiations mediated by Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Garang said “the leadership of IO (opposition) did not fall from the sky…it is us the same people that failed in Salva Kiir’s Administration that constitute the IO leadership…so if the G10 looted the country they did not do it alone…and there are some Comrades that are still looting even in the bush,” charged Garang in a veiled attack on Machar.

It is understood that Machar is this week seeking eye treatment at a hospital in South Africa.

The eye disease has been hurting Machar for the last few years.

Machar’s health condition deteriorated in the last few months thus making several trips to the South African hospital.

However, opposition officials said he intended to hold a series of meetings with Heads-of-state on the sidelines of the African Union summit starting Sunday.

Garang said that “a divided opposition has never in the history of the world ever defeated the incumbent,” adding, “Further more, the SPLM can’t bring peace and stability to South Sudan alone.”

He observed that, “The thing that the hardliners in the government and the hardliners in the opposition have failed to recognize is (as the saying goes) that: “you don’t make peace with your friends…you make peace with your enemies”’.

A former close ally of Machar in the early days of the South Sudan rebellion, Garang said, “at the end of the day…if we are honest when we say we want “peace”…it is that person whom you hate…it is that person that you can’t stand…it is that person that you loath and can’t stand to look at or hear their voice that you make peace with…that is the very essence of peace…otherwise we are just deceiving ourselves…”

With South Sudan armed forces taking over most strategic areas from rebels up to the Heglig town at the border with Sudan, many believe President Kiir is gradually winning the war against Machar’s insurgents.

The fighting in South Sudan has killed thousands and pushed millions of people into refugee camps.
National Resistance Movement (NRM) chairman Mbarara District, generic Mr. Jomo Mugabe yesterday held a party meeting at Kakoba Division to resolve issues in party registration all over the country.

The party members complained that there are few cards in the designated registration areas in the District as other registrars are issuing NRM party cards to the opposition members.

Some of the members said that they are not happy with leaders who are selective in providing transport to the party members.

Residents from Kisenyi cell in Mbarara urged the party chairman to extend the deadline, tadalafil that is, unhealthy the seven day’s time as the Secretary General said to allow the registration.

He argued that most of the people are not yet registered yet the exercise is about to end.

Jomo further said the registrars will not be allowed to stand for any post for the protection of their party in the coming elections.

He said students in different institutions will be registered and requested the top leaders to guarantee a holiday to secondary schools for students to be registered as well.

He urged party members to use the resources to build the party instead of participating in fights among themselves in the party.

Jomo urged Ugandans abroad who are interested in participating in the forthcoming party elections to come and have their names registered.

“Our party can only issue a yellow card to a member in person but not anyone else; it is your physical appearance that allows you to receive a card,” Jomo emphasised.

He stressed that with anyone involved in double registration will not be allowed to vote or even to contest for any post as a way of fighting vote rigging.

“We need transparency in the 2016 elections,” he added.

On June 10, NRM announced that the membership registration exercise had come to an end in North, Central and Kampala Regions.

Registration, however, continues in the Western and Eastern Regions

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