Opposition Strategy to Defeat Age-Limit Launched

The opposition Members of Parliament on Friday launched Parliamentary Forum on Constitutional and Human Rights in Masaka.

The forum, led by Butambala county Member of Parliament, Mwanga Kivumbi is to primarily shoot down any amendment bill brought by the government or a private member, which the opposition is not in the agreement with.

On Thursday night, sources both within the opposition and security told ChimpReports that the main goal of the fierce initiative that will see strategists combing the whole country, is to defeat the expected removal of age limit in the constitution.

President Museveni this week denied any knowledge or intentions to amend Article 102 (b) to give him chance to stand again in 2021, but the opposition has already perceived that the amendment plot is real.

The event was launched in Masaka to mobilize the public against amending Article 26 of the Constitution to give government powers to compulsorily acquire land for infrastructure.

“The opposition wants to ride on the land campaign which appeals to the mass and at subsequently use the mileage to defeat the age limit amendment when it comes,” a source in security said.

The launch in Masaka was attended by Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza, UPC Chief Whip Santa Alum, Mukono Municipality MP Betty Namboze, Ssemujju Nganda of Kiira Municipality, Angiro Gutmoi of Erute North, Mathias Mpuga of Masaka municipality among others.

It should be remembered that a similar medium in the 6th Parliament known as Parliamentary Advocacy Forum (PAFO) merged with Reform Agenda under the chairmanship of Dr. Kizza Besigye in 2004 and later a strong Forum for Democratic Party was born. Ministers and army generals would later join Dr. Besigye.

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