South Sudan

Opposition Party Calls on South Sudan Government to Stop War

South Sudan’s Federal Democratic Party has called on government to stop engaging in war with the armed opposition forces and instead embark on peaceful avenues to resolve political differences.

FDP – a political wing of the South Sudan Armed Forces (SSAF) – released a press statement on Tuesday signed by its leader Gabriel Changson Chang who is also a former minister.

“In conflict resolutions, salve political solutions always take center stage if the sitting government is genuinely committed to peaceful settlement of the crisis, ” part of the statement said.

The FDP appeal follows the joint communiqué on Oct 15th, 2016 during the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Committee meeting in Juba by the representatives of IGAD, TROIKA (United States, United Kingdom and Norway) and European Union that appealed to the unity government and leaders of opposition groups to commit themselves to peaceful resolution.

“On the other hand, violence and armed struggle come to play when peaceful political solution is frustrated by government unwillingness to dialogue the aggrieved parties.”

FDP said the current wave of violence and its associated consequences is alarming: “We alarmed and concerned about the huge loss of life and material destruction the war is inflicting on the Republic of South Sudan and its people. To this effect no sensible political leaders can ignore such a call for peace in the war torn South Sudan.”

The opposition party leadership also called on JMEC and it’s to facilitate the proposed dialogue
“The FDP/SSAF Leadership calls on the JMEC’s partners to support and facilitate a peaceful dialogue between the opposition groups and TGONU as they have indicated in their joint statement.”
JMEC was put in place after signing of peace agreement in August 2015.

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