Opposition MPs Want Report on Kaweesi Murder in 3 Weeks

Opposition Members of Parliament (MP) led by the Shadow Defense Minister, order Gilbert Oulanya, about it Robert Centenary and Theodore Ssekikubo have threatened to issue a daunting report on the current security in the country, click if government fails to do so in a period of three weeks.

The ultimatum was made during a press conference on Thursday in which the members condemned the rampant brutal murders, with the highlight being last week’s shooting of AIGP Felix Kaweesi.

“We are giving government 3 weeks to come up with a report on the killings that have happened in Gulu, Kampala and other places; we need these reports because they cause psychological healing and serve as a basis for solutions,” MP Oulanya said.

Oulanya said without this, they will put together a report and compile a list of Ugandans that have been killed in a similar manner, table it before Parliament with a view of forcing government to offer a response.

“It is currently difficult to guarantee the safety of our leaders including the President, Vice President, LoP, MPs and technocrats,” Oulanya said.

Kasese legislator, Robert Centenary noted that the country’s security is now worrying and blamed it on what he called government’s laxity.

“With the highly trained soldiers and security operatives including intelligence officers from village level such as VISOs, PISOs and GISOs, how can such crimes be on the rise?”

Lwemiyaga MP, Ssekikubo on his part, condemned Parliament’s silence on the carnage.

“We demand that Parliament is called out of recess to demand a response from government on the worrying security situation in the country,” Ssekikubo said.

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