Opposition Leaders Form Alliance to Bring Down Museveni

As they prepare to take on the NRM regime for the fourth time in next year’s general elections, order http://dakarlives.com/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-section.php leading opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] have amongst themselves another ‘tumor’ to take care of.

Kampala Woman MP Hon Nabila Naggayi Ssempala who is the only FDC MP out of the 9 representing Kampala district in the 9th Parliament, has turned the guns against her party.

Armed with a barrage of claims of irregularities within the party’s internal systems, the MP has launched an all out war against FDC on social media.

Over the weekend while the party commenced its grassroots elections in the capital Kampala, she took to Facebook with a strong worded document condemning the manner in which the elections were organized.

She listed with figures, details of the anomalies that marred the voting process in the various divisions, in which some voters had been removed from the register while others were registered without their knowledge.

In Kawempe at Mbogo Play Ground she alerted, voting took place at night after the FDC electoral commissioners informed members about the tight schedule.

In the document she titled “PRESS RELEASE!!!!!! PRESS RELEASE!!!!!! PRESS RELEASE!!!!!! PRESS RELEASE!!!!!! IRREGULARITIES IN THE FDC GRASSROOT ELECTIONS IN KAMPALA!, Nabila termed the election exercise as ‘outrageous’ and that she would not stand it.

The post got outright negative reception from dozens of her followers, who accused her of washing her dirty linen in public.


She was questioned by supporters on why she chose to strip the rot inside the party on social media, when as a NEC member she had all the avenues at her disposal to bring it to the attention of the party leadership.

The same was echoed by the party spokesperson Mr John Kikonyogo who told us in an interview that the legislator was in fact shaming her own self as a party leader.

A vividly perturbed Kikonyogo told us, “I honestly don’t want to comment on what she says.”

But Nabila maintained, airing out her frustration was her right, before posing a question; “By the way, what is social media for? Are FDC issues private issues?”

And those who questioned her leadership ethics, she asked them to go and stand and get elected like her.

Like anybody else that airs out his/her opinion on social media, she said, democracy entitles her to hers. “That’s mature Politics!”

She said she wouldn’t be intimidated by anybody from telling the truth about how the party needed electoral reforms internally before demanding for national reforms in parliament.

“I’ll speak the truth! Electoral reforms are needed in the FDC! It’s not a privilege but a responsibility to clean up all political platforms! The same electoral reforms we need in the National Electoral Reforms are the same ones we demand in our parties!” she stressed.

Nabila’s unprecedented move is being interpreted as not only aimed at weakening the party, but also preparing the ground for her defection.

Her remarks over the weekend exhumed earlier perceptions that the MP had another leg in the ruling NRM party.

She has since 2010 been accused of being a mole within the opposition party. Earlier in 2011, the party President Col Kizza Besigye warned of “some officials who are FDC by the day and NRM during the night.”

This was after Hon Nabila initially rejected an appointment by the party to deputize Hon Odonga Otto on the Parliamentary Committee of Government Assurances.

The MP has also claimed more than once that she was being sidelined by some top party officials.

In the last party primaries, she accused the FDC leadership of trying to edge her out of the race in favor of Rashida Naluwoza, who she later defeated to carry the party flag in the Kampala Woman MP elections.

Sources inside the opposition party also tell us that in the recent Shadow Cabinet reshuffle by President Mugisha Muntu, Nabilah was not pleased when she was appointed the interim FDC spokesperson, [after Hon Wafula Oguttu was made Leader of Opposition] only to be dropped later in favor of John Kikonyogo.

Recently she called a press conference and announced intentions to stand for the party Secretary General, a few days after FDC strongmen Nandala Mafabi and Hon Chasiano Wadri made the same announcement.

Clearly aware that she stood not chance in this race, political observers believe her Saturday tantrums were meant to preempt her next move, possibly her exit from the party.

It is strongly held that by first undermining her party’s ability to hold a free and fair election, she would find a good excuse to cross the floor to the NRM, upon losing in the poll.

Party members however are concerned that her actions are weakening the current opposition fight for Electoral Reforms by making it look like the FDC leaders who have been at the forefront of this campaign, do not have the moral standing to demand for reforms.

“I think these are the women Napoleon Bonaparte said ‘Belong to the kitchen’. Nabilah truly looks disorganized and is hurting the party,” remarked one angry supporter Emmah.






Ugandan opposition leaders have finally agreed with former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi to form a joint alliance to remove President Museveni from power, troche http://construction-cloud.com.au/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader-skins.php ChimpReports can reveal.

This follows a series of secret meetings including one attended by leader of opposition in Parliament, cialis 40mg http://cssassociation.org/system/modules/frontend/modulecustomnav.php Wafula Oguttu in a foreign country towards the end of last week.

It is the same week that Mbabazi also travelled out of Uganda. On his return, dosage http://comerydivertirse.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.json-api.php Wafula confirmed the development:

“You good people let me retire to my hard bed early this time. I am very happy… Just arrived home a while ago. Not from a bar. I never go there. But from a historical political meeting far away. Sorry, I will not tell you anything more about it. Wait for a communique soon. And besides, I am not the spokesperson for the just ended meeting. God is indeed great.”

On Monday morning, activist and lawyer, Godber Tumushabe, issued a press statement on behalf of the Secretariat for the Free and Fair Elections Campaign, saying “Over the last 4 days (June 4-7, 2015), political and civic leaders of political parties, pressure groups and eminent citizens met in a joint consultation to chart a new political path for our country.”

He said the leaders who are “concerned by the current political and economic gridlock in our country” were able to make “important decisions and reach a series of agreements” on how to chart a new direction for the good of our country.

He said the people of Ugandan and the international community should on Wednesday June 10, 2015 expect a communication on the outcomes of the meeting.

Tumushabe emphasised the consultation was convened under the auspices of the Free and Fair Elections Campaign which he said “brings together all democracy seeking forces in Uganda (seeking) to establish a credible electoral management system.”

This will be the first time that President Museveni is facing a united resistance from opposition forces in a presidential election.

Amama Mbabazi, who was toppled as Prime Minister and Secretary General of the NRM party over his alleged presidential ambitions, is expected to lead the opposition to challenge Museveni’s 27-year hold on power.

It remains to be seen if every opposition leader will join the anticipated alliance to challenge Museveni since previous attempts have crumbled over infighting, suspicion, intrigue, tribalism and infiltration by the state.

Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze says the opposition’s campaign for political reforms is “something they have been rehearsing for some time to cover up their own inabilities of failing to win new political ground and therefore divert attention from the inevitable defeat that awaits them come 2016.”

Tumwebaze said the chorus for “electoral reforms” therefore, is the perfect scapegoat they can find.

“Politics like any other venture requires hard work and not just mere posturing. You cannot win an election that you have not mobilized for. Yet one critical component of successful mobilization is the ability of one’s message to resonate well with those you are courting and aspiring to lead,” said Tumwebaze.

2016 Battle 

However, Tumushabe said in his statement today that in spite of the calls to reform “our distorted electoral management system towards and after 2011 general elections, and after five years of running government, the regime is now scampering and stampeding our parliament with last minute proposed reforms that do not meet the aspirations of Ugandans.”

He pointed out that “Ugandans are aware that the character of deceit and ignoring citizens is consistent with the character of the current regime. Until this time, the government has dishonoured the Citizens Compact on Free and Fair Elections and other proposed reforms advanced by other interest groups.

We are conscious that Ugandans here at home and abroad are depressed over the direction that our country is taking. We know that they are resolute in changing the course of direction our country is taking and are anxious to hear a message of unity.”

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