Opposition Launches Age Limit Campaign

Members of different opposition parties have Wednesday launched a campaign dubbed ‘Defend Article 102, online ’ aimed rallying the public against a possible move by the NRM government to scrap the presidential age limit from the constitution.

Article 102 (b) blocks anybody who has exceeded 75 years from running for president.

The politicians who include among others FDC Deputy Secretary General, ambulance Herold Kaija, view UPC’s Isaac Ojok Onok and DP’s Bob Bwete told the media in Kampala that it is now public knowledge that the number one project for the NRM and President Yoweri Museveni is to amend the Constitution and change the said article.

“We are all aware that Museveni is going to officially make 75 years in September, 2019, and by 2021, he won’t be eligible to contest for presidency,” Kaija said.

The politicians believe the more one stays in power, the more they control the institutions of the state and it is impossible to compete with them and beat them in an election.

“We Ugandans believe that we want change and a peaceful Uganda. Our history reveals that whoever comes into power bombs himself into power and then at his exit, he is also bombed out,” Kaija noted.

“Our role is to make sure that we defend that article; we shall move out in all constituencies across the country to talk to Ugandans to stand firm and defend the constitution.”

Kaija revealed that the group will be meeting and discussing with MPs to implore them to even sign commitment forms to assure Ugandans that the article is not altered in the benefit of a single individual.


“We are going to pile a lot of pressure against the MPs which we believe will force them do what Ugandans want; if all Ugandans join the campaign, they will know that it is suicidal to temper with the Constitution.”

Kaija added that they will make sure when issues comes up in Parliament for a vote, they will push to make sure that it is not a secret ballot so that Uganda get to know those who have voted against them.

“We know that President Museveni and his immediate family members that it is not safe for them if Museveni hands over power, to that effect, we have proposed that he is given immunity plus all other benefits as the law provides.”


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