Opposition Lacks Organizational Depth to Defeat Museveni – Mwenda

For the last past five times that President Yoweri Museveni has been re-elected into office, the Opposition has unsuccessfully challenged the polls in court on grounds that they were rigged.

However, Veteran Journalist Andrew Mwenda has blamed the Opposition’s repetitive drubbing in General Elections on operational inefficiencies.

Speaking on KFMs “Hot Seat” Talk show last evening, Mwenda said that whereas majority of Ugandans might be inclined to the Opposition, he feels that they have not been properly galvanized in the run up to the polls.

“They (opposition) may have much greater latent support compared to Museveni. May be 60 to 65% of the Population of this country is favourably disposed towards them,” he noted.

“They cannot convert that support into votes because they don’t have organizational depth to really mobilize and deliver voters to the polling station,” Mwenda explained.

While the Opposition has used its many messages as a rallying call, he said that this is not enough given the reluctance and apathetic attitude of Ugandans towards Politics.

“Let’s take Bobi Wine’s Kyadondo East. There were 73,000 registered voters Bobi Wine got 25,000 votes that is 35% of registered voters,” he explained.

On the contrary, Mwenda said that areas where President Yoweri Museveni is predominantly strong have posted huge voter turn outs which explains why he easily sails through.


“If you go to Nakaseke, go to Kiruhuura, Kazo, Rwampara and other areas where Museveni is very strong; voter turn up is about 95%. In fact in some polling stations its 100% and Museveni gets 95 to 100% in those areas.”

Interjecting on the matter, NBS’ Raymond Mujuni pointed out that the organizational depth would only work if the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party was not fused with the State.

“The NRM doesn’t behave like a political party, it behaves like a state. You are running against the RDC, LC 5 and the ability to demobilize what you have mobilized is very much high,” Mujuni stated.

On the other hand, Obed Katureebe argued that the opposition’s anorexia for the top seat is grounded on the fact that many leaders look at running political parties as an end in itself.

“I think the intention is to run an organisation for business purposes. Because when you see probably NUP, the intention is to capture a reasonable number of Members of Parliament and indeed they will get them in urban areas,” Katureebe submitted.

Even then, Mwenda who astoundingly crossed to the National Unity Platform (NUP) on Wednesday retorted that the opposition must find ways of wooing their detractors in order to beat Museveni.

“He (Museveni) is willing to talk to his opponents his critics even if you are a small person like full figure he will call you. I find this man has an effort to reach out to his critics, opponents and build a big tent,” he concluded.

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