Opposition Declare War on Gov’t Election Bill

The constitutional court has with immediate effect ordered city businessman Drake Lubega to vacate Qualicel Bus Terminal formerly known as Baganda Bus Park, erectile cheapest which he has over the years been fighting for with another tycoon Charles Muhangi

The 3 constitutional court Justices, price Remmy Kasule, Faith Mwonda and Richard Buteera yesterday unanimously agreed that Lubega illegally took over operations of the park from his rival Charles Muhangi, thereby ordering Lubega to vacate and hand it over to Muhangi.

Charles Muhangi and Drake Lubega have since 2008 been battling in court over ownership of the said land on Nakivubo Road which houses Qualicel Bus Terminal.

Drake had filed the case in the same court claiming ownership of the land but Court has proved otherwise.
Opposition leaders in Uganda have formed a new campaign  dubbed  ‘Citizens’ Reforms Now’ in a bid  to pile pressure on government to accept proposed electoral reforms which include the disbanding of the current Electoral Commission, view Chimp Corps report.

Ousted Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago who was flanked by FDC ironman, Col Kizza Besigye, Ingrid Turinawe and Asuman Basalirwa among others, said the opposition “rejects government’s proposed election bill and demands for clear and structural reforms.”

He said several proposals have been sent to parliament by opposition but “have yielded nothing,” adding, “we will fight until they are realised.”

Speaking with fury, Lukwago said the new political campaign “shall involve a number of activities to ensure the new bill is scrapped.”

He observed: “It’s aimed at rallying all citizens to desist this new bill after the reforms endorsed by political parties and Civil Society Organizations last year was disregarded by government  and instead brought another fake bill .”


Government this week introduced the much-anticipated Election Amendment Bill but opposition said they could not accept a new law that seeks to entrench the president’s powers in appointing the EC leadership.

The Bill also hands the president powers to appoint and dismiss the Judicial Service Commission that is mandated to vet the EC leadership.

“This new bill made cosmetic changes  and  falls far short of people expectations and fails to fetch credible reforms. We strongly object to this bill,” stressed Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago at the press conference on Thursday morning.

The team says they want a new Electoral Commission whose independence is entirely secured right from appointment. Describing the new changes as merely cosmetic, Lukwago added that bill would have no impact on the current EC.

Speaking at the conference, Former FDC President Col Kizza Besigye emphasized that the country had never seen a credible election since independence.

“For the last 52 years we have not had any credible election  and part of the scars our country bears, is as a result of rigged elections,” he said.

“[President Yoweri] Museveni went to bush and came to power because of the rigged elections by government in 1980. We are not talking about a simple matter; our livelihood depends on elections because it’s the voice of the people.”

“You all saw the violence that  happened in Kenya in 2007  and what is now taking place in Burundi. We can’t forego the importance of elections because our livelihood depends on the elections which represent the voice of the people.”

The former FDC President  said he had lost trust in opinion polls which seemed to favour the current government, noting that they are conducted in an environment of terror.

“Yet most of them will tell you that 70% Ugandans don’t have faith in the electoral commission.The people manning the Electoral Commission are not qualified and are not supposed to be there. The electoral commission is fake and operating under fake laws. How can you have an electoral commission appointed by a candidate?” wondered Besigye.

He added,”Only one election is allowed in the constitution and that is a free and fair election which we will allow.Any other kinds won’t be allowed to take place .”

The Citizens Reform Now campaign is  rallying for a new Electoral Commission to be formed, and a new voters’ register that is not generated from the National ID system.

They also demand that Ugandans living abroad will be allowed to take part in the election, and that the president will be stripped of appointment powers of the EC leadership.

They also want the involvement of security organs in the electoral process to be regulated and that the ruling government must not be allowed to touch the national coffers at the Bank of Uganda.

“The struggle for electoral reforms is something we have been pushing for since 2008 but the new bill tabled by government leaves out many players which we don’t agree with.The bill talks about many issues but are not timely.We are not going to boycott the 2016 elections but rather participate in a free and fair electoral process,”noted JEEMA’s Asuman Basaalirwa.

According to the opposition activists, they are set to roll out a series of activities meant to ensure that government yields to their demands and does away with the new Election Amendment Bill tabled introduced early this week.

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