Opposition Contemplate 2016 Election Boycott Again

Teachers in Pallisa and Kibuku districts have no pit latrines and have been forced to share with their pupils, this site a new survey has indicated.

In all schools visited in the study there were no specific latrines constructed for the teachers.

Teachers were mostly allocated a stance mainly on the girls’ latrine block which usually had a padlock and could only be accessed by the teachers.

The survey was conducted by a group of NGOs under Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) and supported by Water Aid Uganda.

According to CSBAG specialist David Walakira, http://cystiphane-biorga.com/wp-content/plugins/ubermenu/standard/ubermenu.notifier.php it was conducted in 10 schools of the two districts, http://chimpreports.com/wp-admin/includes/edit-tag-messages.php aimed at examining the implementation, of Water Sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in Primary Schools.

“We have no option but to share with the pupils a pit latrine when nature calls,” Osako the head teacher of Kobolwa Primary School is quoted in the report.

The findings were presented before the districts leaders, head teachers of Pallisa and Kibuku at Uganda Red Cross Society offices in Pallisa district and Kibuku headquarters respectively.

It was revealed in the research that in Kibuku district, the pupil pit latrine stance ratio was at 80:1 while for Pallisa was at 70:1 as opposed to the Ministry of Education recommendation which stands at 40:1.


Responding to the findings, the Chief Administrative Officer of Pallisa, Nelson Shaineh said the resource envelop was small and it couldn’t cater for all schoolwater, hygiene and snatiation needs.

David Walakira pointed out that in 10 schools surveyed in the districts of Pallisa and Kibuku seven of them also lacked boreholes and were sharing water sources with communities.

“Whereas access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene services is critical in ensuring people enjoy a good standard of living and ensure people’s rights are fulfilled, this study revealed that that 60% of all schools visited didn’t have hand washing facilities which poses health risks to the pupils given that poor sanitation contributes to school dropout and low literacy rates, especially among girls,” he said.

It is worth noting that most of the schools disclosed did not have specific budgets for WASH although they have a provision to allocate 15% of their budgets to WASH interventions.

“The poor school sanitation situation needs to be addressed urgently through a combined effort of the Water, Education and Health Sectors since there is a positive correlation between education, quality of life, and good health, social and economic activity,” Walakira said

The Pallisa District Inspector of Schools Rose Asio agreed with findings of the survey and implored school management committees and administration to address the plight of sanitation and hygiene in schools.

Controversial Presidential spokesperson, website like this Tamale Mirundi, sildenafil http://cro.vimspectrum.ro/components/com_k2/views/comments/tmpl/report.php has now launched an attack on a local tabloid for comparing him with Sarah Kagingo, who has been working as President Museveni’s Special Communications Assistant in charge of social media.

Mirundi has over time made a name by attacking people especially opposition, Catholic Church and Mengo Land board, on radio stations.

Even serving government officials have not been spared.

The latest casualty is the weekly tabloid, The Sun, which Mirundi accuses of nursing a hidden agenda against him.

“Under their last publication, the Sun, a New Vision publication, publishes a story where me and Kagingo were being compared. What is vital is not the comparison but the hidden agenda of the editors,” charged Mirundi, who has since taken his battles to the social media.

“Since Kagingo was suspended by the president, the opposition media has refused to accept this fact that Kagingo is no longer a statehouse staff. The fundamental question is why? In my opinion, they want to use her for future purposes as a statehouse staff. Secondly, they intend to portray statehouse as a chaotic institution,” he added.

Mirundi maintains Kagingo was fired by the president.

Kagingo has since challenged him to present a letter indicating the expulsion from State House in vain.

After her appointment a few years ago, Mirundi reportedly thought Kagingo would take his job as president’s press secretary.

The quiet power struggle ensued inside the corridors of State House until Kagingo was removed from her position.

Mirundi gave an example of Daily Monitor which recently sacked staff, “meaning that anybody in charge of an institution has powers to hire and fire. A female judge who gives divorce to a fellow woman must accept to be divorced if she commits a similar case like the divorce she handled.”

He further said, “There’s no reason why Mirundi can be compared to Kagingo, it’s like comparing non-living things and living things. Mirundi is still an aide to the president and Kagingo is not. So The Sun intended to show both of us as aides to the president.”

Mirundi also hinted on an ensuing legal battle with The Sun.

“Kagingo is no longer and aide. Finally the editors of The Sun should be ready for a legal battle for the woman, pictured as my wife is not only officially married in London, but she has never been my wife, and she has instructed her lawyers to seek justice.”
Following their loss to the ruling NRM in Busia LCV By-elections, pharm http://crownheights.info/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php opposition have threatened not to participate in the forthcoming 2016 general elections if the degree of election malpractice is not dealt with.

Opposition members who rubbished the Busia LC5 By-election poll results and described the whole exercise as open fraud, website http://coastalallergycare.com/wp-includes/general-template.php have noted that it is time electoral reforms are put in place or else government should not think of their participation.

Democratic Party (DP) Secretary General, http://dancehallarena.com/wp-includes/pluggable.php Matia Nsubuga told journalists at the party headquarters in Kampala on Tuesday that they are in talks with all other opposition parties in the alliance to consider boycotting the general elections next year.

“Before the Busia by-elections, we complained about the Temporary Voters Location slips that were issued by the Electoral Commission (EC) to be used by voters but EC didn’t adhere and indeed these were used to ridge the elections,” Nsubuga noted.

Nsubuga said they have learnt that EC intends to use the same slips during the next year’s elections which contrary to the electoral laws that only validate the use of voters’ carders.

“We oppose vehemently this new kind of trick that has come in our election system; voter’s registers must be gazetted as per our demands in the electoral reforms.”

“Unless electoral reforms are rectified, we are thinking twice before saying yes to participating in such a fraud.”

Nsubuga added that on addition to the increased election irregularities, president Museveni has offered Ugandans no option when he alluded that he can’t hand over power to the opposition which he termed as wolves.

DP’s new stance comes only a day after President Yoweri Museveni accused the opposition of conniving with EC to rig NRM votes in a number of by-elections.

While speaking yesterday at the NRM Liberation day ceremony in Soroti, Mr Museveni referred to the November 2014 by-elections in Amuru district in which he alleged that the opposition with support from some elements in the EC had deliberately removed women NRM supporters from the register.

Meanwhile reports indicate that government is set to table its version of electoral reforms before parliament in the coming month of February.



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